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31 Dec, added two more videos...  an Underwater Atomic Explosion and the Bombing of Hiroshima to Raw Military Videos.  Also added Debunking The Myth Of The Underprivileged Soldier and The Thankful Tree to Information - Perceptions.

30 Dec, I have finally added Falcon Love Song to Military Videos, its a funny look at love in the USAFA (or Tech school for that matter).  Also added SLCM Problems to Raw Military Videos.  Due to the popularity of the Oakley Discount, it is now in a new format to speed up the delivery of information.  Find the link in Military Bonus, and be sure to read the top portion of the request page.  Also received five more additions to "You Might Be A Crew Chief If:" (thanks R. Schwartz.) find it in Military Humor.

29 Dec, I have been busy working on AFMentor, recently added Word Errors: Accept/Except & Affect/Effect to Military Writing.  In addition, added three skill level waivers to Letter Factory - Memorandums (thank Bruce) to hopefully answer the request for help from 26 dec.  There has also been three award examples added, one NCO of the Quarter 2003 and two SNCO of the Quarter 2003, to AF Writing Award Examples.  Next added an entire Joint Service Commendation Package, Letter of Recommendation, Narrative, and Citation.  Finally, redirected Letter Factory to AFMentor where you can find new letters dealing with Reduction in Grade (AFR) and Reinstating Driving Privileges.

26 Dec, Happy Holidays to everyone.  In case you can't tell, i have been enjoying my Holiday Break.  A few minor additions.  First, I need to add a correction to A Different Christmas Poem.  Gladys emailed me with the source and author of the poem, it is actually entitled, "A SOLDIER'S CHRISTMAS" wrote by Michael Marks.  The page has sources to the original and the authors comments.  Currently there are a couple of requests I can't find:

1: A user is looking for an example of a Commanders recommendation letter for authorizing an MOS change for a senior NCO. The Soldier in question is in the medical field as a 91J, medical supply. However, his role on the Medical Team is really more related to the 91W, Medical Specialists. The user needs to pen a strong letter to substantiate the reclass.  Any help would be grateful.

2: A desert storm video choreographed to Metallica's Enter Sandman. 

6 Dec, added Command: Category 4 to Information - Something to Think About.  It was the popular email that floated around email channels after Hurricane Katrina struck Keesler AFB.  Also finally had a chance to add Army Recruitment Video to Multi-Media - Video.  It is a a very funny video I received earlier from a couple of people.  Finally added Rationalizing Torture and Why Skimp On The GI Bill? to Information - Perceptions, both are good opinionated articles taken from the Washington Post and LA Times respectively.

5 Dec, it was pointed out to me that I had the wrong percentage on 06 Pay Chart.  The correct across the board raise was 3.1% not the 3.5% I initially reported.  Sorry about confusion and thanks FT for bringing it to my attention.  Also added Don't Close Your Blinds and A Different Christmas Poem to Information - Something to Think About.

30 Nov, completed all 5 Airman's Manual Practice Tests at AFMentor.  Also added Intent to Marry - Add to Base Housing Waiting List to Letter Factory.  Finally, added the Official AF Flag Folding Script and updated AF PT Uniform Guidance to Good to Know.  After all of the religious wrangling, AF has released the script that is acceptable to use during official military functions (ie retirements).  Finally added interim 2005 guidance on Air Force Communications and Information Annual awards and Air Force Darryl G. Winters Award to Air Force Writing Guides at AFMentor.

23 Nov, added If I Die Before You Wake (2M PPS) to Multi-Media Slide Shows-Tributes.  This is a very, very good presentation and fits the Thanksgiving Season.

22 Nov, added all five service songs to Multi-Media Audio.   Have also added Airman's Manual Practice Tests  Section 2 – Deploy has been added to AFMentor.

15 Nov, just notified the movie, Apache (AH-64D) engaging Iraqis was down.  I have fixed this one too.  Check it out in the Multi-Media - Raw Video Page.   Added Pride of the Fleet (Old Navy Recruitment Video) to Multi-Media - Videos.  I have also added two AFAM Outstanding Achievement citation examples to Writing - Decorations.  Finally added a Practice Exam Section to AFMentor.  Right now, I have started to added Airman's Manual Practice TestsSection 1 – Staying Ready has been added.

13 Nov, just notified the movie, "What Happen to the Pentagon" was down.  I have fixed it.  Check it out in the Multi-Media Page.

8 Nov, Added another stock to watch, OLN, to the Financial Page - Its Your Money.  Check out 'Fiddy-Cal' Becomes Weapon Of Choice In Iraq (Newhouse.com (November 1, 2005) to understand my reasoning... Currently working on getting the new CSAF reading list on line.  Added two AFCM examples to Writing - Decorations.  I also added Late Decoration Letter to both Writing - Decorations and Letter Factory. All of course are located on AFMentor.  Finally, good info about CMSgt Results:

A total of 2,580 senior master sergeants were considered for a 22.83 percent selection rate. Last year's selection rate was 21.06 percent.

The average score for those selected was 659.42, with an average time in grade and time in service of 3.34 and 22.63 years respectively. The average score was based on the following point averages:

-- 135 for enlisted performance reports; 

-- 27.06 for time in grade; 

-- 23.39 for time in service; 

-- 24.16 for decorations; 

-- 62.09 for the Air Force supervisory examination; 

-- 387.72 for the evaluation board score.

7 Nov, added Military Jargon - Bust on AF and Useful Mid-East Phrases to Military Humor. (thanx Dave)

30 Oct, learned two of the 3rd Quarter AFR awards won at the wing level.  Check them out at AFMentor.

28 Oct, added Clarification on recording Fitness (FIT) program assessments in EPR/OPR  and PME comments in EPRS to WritingWriting Guides - EPR/OPR and Good to Know at AFMentor.

25 Oct, added an AMC Writing Guide to Writing Guides.  it has some very good examples and guidance.  Also added Effective EPR Writing to both Writing Guides and Supervisor Tools - Training Slides.  Absolutely AWESOME.  It is a large file but definitely worth the time to read.

24 Oct, added Coming Home a video and music by KARMA10.  Find it in Multi-Media - Video Tributes.  Finally ran across a VERY GOOD OIF site.  The HAMMER - Very good site dedicated to OIF, and especially the 3rd ID.

21 Oct, added Free Annual Credit Report to Finance Page - Its Your Money.  Link submitted by Buddy.  Thanks.  I have also added America's Military Doesn't Need New Role and Moment Of Grace On The Battlefield to Information - Perceptions.  I also included Ex-POW Lynch Says Government Used Her to Information - Perceptions.  It is a good follow to the original story Saving Private Jessica in the same location.  Finally added Medal of Honor recipients share stories with students to Information - Inspiration.

20 Oct, removed AIRMAN LEADERSHIP SCHOOL (ALS) Military Writing (Jan 04) from Air Force Writing Guides.  I was notified that it was against AFI to have it posted.  Once the new material is released I will repost it.

19 Oct, added 06 Pay Charts to Good to Know.  I have also added two award examples to AFMentor.

18 Oct, added When I am Gone to Multi-Media - Videos.  I also added Superior Personal Performance Word and Phrase Guide to Army and AF Writing.  It is a pretty good collection of phrases.  Actually there are about 400+ examples.  Tomorrow, I will be adding a winning Joint Service Command Level quarterly award package.

15 Oct, I have finally received the proper name for the Hornet Crash I have.  The jet is crashing on CV-67, USS JFK.  Thank you, JK for your feedback.

14 Oct, added another CY05 SMSgt Board View point to SNCO Evaluation Boards.  I have also added 50 More Questions Every Airman Can Answer which is the continuation of 50 Questions Every Airman Can Answer.  Both documents are very informative and can be found at AFMentor Good To Know section.

13 Oct, added CY05 SMSgt Board Notes to SNCO Evaluation Boards.  Also, I am still having problems with the bullet database.  if anyone is familiar with MySQL, please email me.  Finally, the updated photo gallery is down.  Ran into a program error, so the old one is coming back.

10 Oct, added CY03 SMSgt and Chief board view points and the CY04 Chief board.  I have more CY04 and two CY05 on deck, plus the accompanying PowerPoint presentations..  Find them in AFMentor Good To Know under SNCO Evaluation Boards.

9 Oct, added Community Says Thank You to Inspirational.  Ran into another issue with the photo gallery...  I am working on a better method vs the one that I had.  Also, I am working on getting AF E8/E9 Board notes posted to AFMentor.  '03 results will be up tomorrow.  Enjoy.

8 Oct, corrected the F/A-18 Hornet Crash Landing video.  Thanks to Joe, he identified the fact the video was a duplicate.  Another user (KP) submitted an inspirational moment, Dinner One Day, to the Inspiration Page. Added Dollar Cost Averaging Info to Financial Management Page.  Added Air Force Process to Humor.  Plus I added three quarterly awards to Air Force Award Examples.  Finally, I fixed the AGM-130 feed video.

7 Oct, added 2005 X-Mas Mail Deadlines to Good To Know. Also ran into a small problem with the bullet database on AFMentor.

5 Oct, added two videos to Multi-Media - Videos, F-22 Video and AGM-130 feed video.  Finally, added Korean Dual Citizens Info to Good To Know - Air Force.  Enjoy.

4 Oct, newsletter is going out today.  There will be a couple new movies added to the site and about 4 awards added to AFMentor on Friday.

25 Sep, AF Mentor is out.  Check it out.  Also added Dear John Letter to Humor.  Added Shoulder to Shoulder and F/A-18 Hornet Crash Landing to Multi-Media Video.  Finally, added a song by Mike Corrado, My Watch, to Multi-Media Audio.  Finally added Al-Qaeda and the House of Saud to Information - Perceptions.  It is a very good article. 

22 Sep, I have a couple of new movies coming in the next day or so.  Also, trying Google ads on the site to see if it will be of value to you.  Let me know what you think.  Finally, I have received the results for the 2nd quarter Airman package, it was a wing winner.

20 Sep, corrected a couple of pages and some links.  Working on the meeting the time line for AF Mentor.  Also, fixed a couple of spelling errors.  Thanks for pointing them out.

18 Sep, fixed the links on the AF Award Timelines page.  Sorry about that.

16 Sep, finally got to adding the Military Cell Phone Discounts to Military Bonus.  I believe all of the Cell providers offer a "rate plan" discount.  (thanks A)

12 Sep, featuring Squadronexec on the Hot Links and added it to the Link Page.  It is a very good site, take a moment and check it out.

9 Sep, I was migrating the photo gallery to a newer version and ran across a small snag.  Right, now the Photo Gallery is down.  I hope to have it up in the next couple of days.  The 9-11 page and Multi-media page are back up.  Enjoy.

5 Sep, fixed the missing files on the Monthly News letter.  I also added Taps to Multi-Media Audio.

2 Sep, updated the Photo Gallery.  Also, here is the links to the Slide Page.

1 Sep. updated SGLI FAQ.  Added United We Serve, The Final Inspection and God and the Spider to the Inspiration page.  Both have religious tones, but I think they are good stories.  Also added Zen Sarcasm to Military Humor.  Finally added 21 EMTF Recognition Program information to AF Award Timelines.  Working on the month letter, I hope to get it out tomorrow.

31 Aug, updated Example SrA BTZ Nomination #2.  It should be easier to read.  thank you Bruce for formatting it for me. I will be updating the SGLI FAQ in the next day or so.

24 Aug, added Frequently Asked Questions On The SGLI Coverage Increase to $400,000 FAQ to Good to Know - FAQS.  I also corrected the spelling on the Leo Marquez Award examples, as pointed out by a user.

22 Aug, pulled all of the videos offline.  Bandwidth again.  They will all be offline for a while.  I am currently working on a 9-11 page that will be released on 10 September.  I want to utilize the bandwidth for the project.  sorry for any problems this may cause.  If you are looking for something in particular, let me know and I will do what I can.  I added a Letter to Lower Interest Rate to Letter Factory - Misc and Memorandum for Indebtedness to Letter Factory Memorandums.  Finally added a Dishonored Check Letter and Letter of (Reprimand)(Admonition)(Counseling) to Letter Factory - Discipline.

17 Aug, added Demotion Due to Weight Management Program and Denial of Air Force Good Conduct Medal (AFGCM) to Letter Factory - Discipline.

16 Aug, added 26IOG Stratification and Quantification Guide to AF Writing.  I also added TAKING CARE OF YOUR PEOPLE: A SUPERVISOR’S GUIDE to Mentorship and Good to Know - Air Force.  Finally corrected the Retirement Script link in Good to Know - Air Force.

15 Aug, added Lance P. Sijan USAF Leadership 2005 NCO award package to AF Writing.  Finally added How to Prepare for a Deployment to Iraq and How Observant Are You? to Military Humor.

11 Aug, Sorry for the delay in getting the SSgt results up.  I had a problem with my publishing program.  On deck are a couple more jokes and a recent LPS award. 

4 Aug, updated A Useful Tax Credit in Financial Information - It's Your MONEY! Page.  Actually it is the same article being submitted to a number of base papers.  If your paper hasn't ran it, feel free to submit it.  Please cite your source: fromtheinside.us.  Finally. received a number of jokes from Trish.  Added Military Truths, OATH OF ENLISTMENTS*, Force Reduction*, and Flight 101 to Baghdad Now Arriving*to Military Humor.  Note * may contain questionable content.

1 Aug, added two BTZ packages to both AF Writing and Letter Factory.  I also added information about the Air and Space Campaign Medal to Good to Know - AF Related.  Added a recommended financial link to the Financial page.  Finally, I have added background information about the 2nd Quarter 05 AMN submission look at the original award and the initial email thread getting it to where it is.  I believe it is important for troops to understand the work done by supervisors in order to polish a package.

30 July, I doubt anyone will see this message.  The server is rejecting all communications due to excessive bandwidth.  There were a couple of Asian sites I identified and blocked them.  I am now working on getting the information shared between other "mirror" locations.  The work will not be complete until the end of August, but it should prevent this from happening again.  There will be two BTZ example packages on line in the next 7 days, as requested by an user.  If anyone has anything, please send this way.  Currently looking for Supply Awards, BTZ examples, and policy letters, any help would be nice.

29 July, added "Another Way To Get High".  I looked it up and it is not a hoax.  Something parents need to be aware of.  Added Enlisted Performance Reports and Awards 101 (USSTRATCOM) to Multi-Media Slides and AF Writing.

24 July, I am working on getting a new server up.  Taking down my multi-media file has become tiring.  Look for it toward the end of August.  I added 50 Questions Every Airman Can Answer to Good to Know and Mentorship.  I also added an excerpt from the Airman's Magazine illustrating how congress views the average service member earns $99K a year to Perceptions.  I added a copy of a retirement script I received to Good to Know.  Finally added My Name is Old Glory to Inspirational.

15 July, Looks like the DoD is striping different message formats.  All of those requesting Oakley data, I just resent everything in .xls format.  I do not think there will be any problems with them.  Finally added a Safety Lesson Plan for the Workcenter to Mentorship Leadership Docs.

13 July, added four Quarterly Award Packages to Air Force Writing.  Still awaiting results from the board.  Recently, I received a message that the DoD is blocking this site.  From initial inspection, not all bases are effected yet.  The DoD reason as relayed to me states the site is infected with dropper.exe.  As of this time, I haven't found the Trojan, nor have I received any other reference about it.  If anyone knows how I maybe able to contact the DoD CERT so I can remedy this, please me.  Thanks.  Due to this problem, some people haven't received the OAKLEY information.  If this is the case please let send me a different email address.

4 July.  Happy Fourth to all of you.  Thanks.  First things first, I updated You Might Be A Crew Chief if in Military Humor.

26 Jun.  trying to do some catch-up on the site.  I added AFOEA and AFOUA info to AF Award Timelines.  (if you see hyperlinks under the award names, follow them to learn more about the award).  I added The Evolution of an Airman to Military Humor.  I have removed my Tomb of the Unknown Page and linked to the Arlington Cemetery Website.  Finally, something I think EVERYONE in the MILITARY to know.  The IRS as opened a TAX CREDIT of up to $2,000 for people who contribute to the TSP.  Find more information in, "Its Your Money"

24 Jun, information update.  All of the Videos are back on line.  I hopefully, some video message boards will ignore them for a couple of weeks.  Next, I have received numerous feedbacks concerning the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  I will correct it in the next couple of days.  In case you haven't noticed, I have not been able to keep up with the site like I use to.  Been very busy lately.  Eventually, I will catch a breather.  I am still going to focus on keeping the writing portion as updated as I can.  i am awaiting board results before i updated the next 4 quarterly packages.  If you have any to submit for others use please send them this way.

22 Jun, added information about SGLI increasing to $400K to Good To Know and Its Your Money.

21 Jun, added 10 tips on Volunteering Wisely to Good To Know.

16 Jun, added Global Operations Evaluations Guide to Air Force Writing and Army Writing.

10 Jun.  Here goes the broken record.  I am already half-way (47G of 90) to my max bandwidth.  I will be dropping ALL of the videos for now, and will start to bring some up later this month.  I am still working on getting more bandwidth, but the money isn't here to do it.  (hint, hint)  If there is something you would like to see, let me know and I will send it off to you.  Otherwise please be patient. 

On more important notes:  AF released E6/E7 stats.  MSgt increased slightly while TSgt decreased

Total worldwide statistics for cycle 05E6 are:
        Number Eligible:  43,379
        Number Selected:  9,116
        AF-Wide Selection Rate:  21.01%

Total worldwide statistics for cycle 05E7 are:
        Number Eligible:  25,454
        Number Selected:  6,630
        AF-Wide Selection Rate:  26.05%

7 Jun, added Recommendation for OA AFAM to Letter Factory.  Plus, trying to get the color scheme finished.

6 Jun, fixed the AnySoldier Link.  Sorry about pointing everyone to a bad location.  I received updated information about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from Jason.  I will get the updates done shortly.  I have also received some updates on "You Might Be a Crew Chief If" those too will be added.

31 May, added Successful Accomplishment - 2 Hour Pass - AFR to Letter Factory.  Plus a Nomination and Letter Recommendation for AFSA Division Member of the Year.  Next added Joint Meritorious Unit Award to both Army and Air Force Writing Decoration Examples.  Finally, added another Junior Tech of the Year '02 to Air Force Writing - Examples.

30 May, added a new article to Perceptions, British War Memo.  Good article concerning OIF.

28 May, sorry about the link problems concerning the 24th of May Postings.  They have been fixed!  Added another 2002 Amn Tech of the Year, to Air Force Writing - Examples.  (this one has Operation ANACONDA impact)  Also added information on Prohibited MPS Uses (important if you send to charities) to Good To Know.  Finally, I am starting to clean up some of the "Old Posts".  You can find them under TimeLine, Old Posts.

26 May, I pulled Multi-Media off line.  The site is within inches of being shut down due to excessive bandwidth.  I am currently working on moving some files to a new server.  Sorry for any problems this may have caused.

24 May, added Arsenal of the Future to Think About It.  It contains a series of articles wrote by T. Weiner of the NY Times delving into the art of modern war.  It contains Internet War, New Army Model, High Tech / High Cost Army, New Navy Old Politics and AF Space Weapons Program.

18 May, added Air Force Seeks Bush's Approval for Space Weapons Programs (NY Times) to Think About It.  Also added One Soldier's Story Project to Hot Links.  Finally added 30 SW/JA REPRIMAND AND ADMONITION HANDBOOK to AF Writing - Guides and Letter Factory.

14 May, added Junior Tech of the Year '02 to Air Force Writing - Examples.

9 May, added a new joke, Chili Cook-Off to Humor.  If you haven't seen it yet, it will make you laugh out Loud. (thanx Brian).  I also was informed of a couple typos in the some award pages.  I have correct a number.  If you see anything, please let me know.

8 May, added a Free USAA GWOT Coin to Military Bonus.  Check it out!

7 May, added Career Status Bonus (CSB) as part of the REDUX retirement FAQ and an AFSA REDUX Powerpoint Brief to Finance Info - Its YOUR Money along with Good To Know - FAQs and Multi-Media Slide Shows respectively.  Also added U.S. Army Balks At Sending Laser Weapon To Iraq to Think About It.  Added Operation BLUE to GREEN (info pertaining to transferring to the Army from an other service) in both Links and Good To Know.  Added Infantryman's wife saw the photo and knew (very good article) link to Perceptions.  Still in the adding mode, added JSAM, JSCM, and DMSM guides to both Army Writing and Air Force Writing.  Also  added Airman Must Know Dates and Supervisor Career Counseling Guide to Good to Know and Mentorship.. Updated Air Force Benefit Fact Sheet to the 2005 edition and put a link in Good To Know.  

5 May, fixed a couple of small things.  I will be adding JSAM, JSCM, and DMSM info this weekend, along with some other things.  Stay tuned.  Also, the monthly newsletter will be coming out this weekend, if you would like it, Click Here.

2 May, updated the three 2004 12OAY packages to text format.  I also added another 2004 NCO 12OAY package to Air Force Writing - Examples.  Finally, I received some Cingular Wireless Military Discount information (ie 30% Discount on Equipment* and 19% off plan rates*) check out Military Bonus (*see link for details)

1 May, all videos are online.  I have received the 2004 12OAY awards in a new format (thanks Bruce), and I will be updating the pages shortly.

30 Apr, pulled 5 videos offline until 1 May.  Sorry about that.

29 Apr, Wow!  Looks like the site became a little popular in the last month.  Just some quick info, we have exceeded doubled our hits and unique visitors every month for the last 8 months.  The only problem i am running into now is that I am starting to go over my bandwidth quota.  The site might be closed temporary tomorrow, 30 Apr, due to this.  I am working on finding a better way to handle the increase in bandwidth. I add three 2004 12OAY awards; AMN, NCO, and SNCO; to Air Force Writing - Examples.  (Be warned, I had to take them out of a PDF as a graphic.  So I only inserted the graphic into the page. Give it a moment to load)  Finally, I added some home buying documents into the Financial Page - Its Your Money.

27 Apr, Finishing up the move.  I have tried to reply to all emails.  Unfortunately, many AFB Exchange servers are not excepting .us address, so those of you looking for Oakley Info will have to wait a couple more days until I get a stead connection.  By this weekend, I should have some new updates on the site. 

19 Apr, this is the last update for about a week.  Sorry for any problems this may cause.  Added another 2002 Public Affairs Achievement Award, CGO, to Air Force Writing - Examples.

16 Apr, added a second NCO Public Affairs Achievement Award 2002 example to Air Force Writing - Examples.

11 Apr, I will be away from the site for about a week.  No Emails or updates will be posted until the 16th. 

9 Apr, added Public Affairs Achievement Award 2002 examples; Senior Civ, AMN, and NCO; to Air Force Writing - Examples.  I also added some more information to Financial Page - Its Your Money.  There are now Financial Information Links and Stocks to Watch

8 Apr, added four 2005 1st Quarter AFR packages; Amn, NCO, SNCO, and CGO; to Air Force Writing - Examples.  Also, updated the IMT Viewer Download (8.3M) to version 6.0.1.  Upgrade instructions are in the zip.

7 Apr, added Bank of America Scam Letter to the Finance Page.  If BofA hasn't sent you a credit check, consider Premier Credit Report (3 in 1), its only $32*. If you haven't done a credit report in the last year, it would be worth looking at it, to insure nothing flakey is going on with your credit.

6 Apr, Added Article 15 Guide & Checklist to Air Force Writing and Letter Factory.  Also added Director's Excellence Award for Community Relations '02 winner to Air Force Writing - Examples.  Finally, I added GM Military $500 Discount* to Military Bonus (*see link for details).

5 Apr, received correction to Stand Proud for Our American Troops in Perceptions.  I miss identified the writer as Cindy Williams from Lavern and Shirley.  The writer, Cindy Williams, is a Washington Post writer with no connection to the actress.  (thank you Mike)

2 Apr.  Just got a connection.  I will be sending more updates and replying to emails in the next couple of days.  As of now, I have added five Public Affair Awards to Air Force Writing.

28 Mar.  The site will not be updated until next week, (no phone, SMTP, or internet access)   I am in the middle of a move.  When I get connected again next week.  there will be plenty to see...  For those of you who sent emails.  I have seen them, but, I haven't been able to reply. 

25 Mar, finished about 50 more format updates.  I am working on getting out 14 2004 Public Affairs Awards, 2 2004 OAY awards, and 4 2005 Quarterly Awards...  

21 Mar, fixed the Not a Good Day to Die link.  Sorry about any problems.  I have started to work on the Military Writing pages.  Please excuse any formatting errors you come across.  Updated USAFE Acronyms, and added 52 FW/CCA Acronyms and Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms (2M PDF) to the Acronym Page. (thanks Chad)

Mar, added 800 Access via DSN to Good to Know.  Added DD Form 1746 (APPLICATION FOR ASSIGNMENT TO HOUSING) to Pubs and Forms.  Also added Thrift Savings Plan "Catch-Up" to Finance Info - Its Your Money.  Finally, added the Listing of New Air Force Medals (PDF) to Military Humor.

18 Mar, working on the format of the pages.  i didn't realize how many pages are on the site.  I have found a couple of errors on some of the FAQ pages.  Some how, i lost about 25% of the text on 3 of them.  I am working on fixing it.  Also, read a excerpt from, "Not a Good Day to Die" in the AF Times.  For anyone involved in (DTS - 3/02) Operation ANACONDA, this is a must read!  In the same since, if you review the Airman of the Year 2002a award and Airman of the Year 2002b award examples, you may start to understand that sometimes things go on that doesn't make since until years later.

16 Mar, Still working on getting the pages correct.  In the Mean time, I added two MP3 Presidential Addresses: FDR - WWII and GWB - Terrorist Attack - 11 Sep 01 @ 2030.  Just a reminder, if you get a change look at Hanoi Jane, if that name doesn't ring a bell, you need to read it!

15 Mar, Looks like 80% of the web-bots are working.  Fixed the Home Page Navigation, Multi-Media now exists.  Information Sub Page is also complete.  Again, please bear with the construction. 

14 Mar, Have been working on site make-up (in case you didn't notice), so excuse the mess.  If the Web-bots work, the new makeup will stay, if not it looks like the site will be down for a little bit as I normalize it.  You can now find all of the Multi-Media files off of the old Multi-Media Video / Snippets.  Also, I have ran into a problem with my upload connection keeping the site up to date, so you may not see updates everyday corresponding with the dates here.  I apologize for any inconvenience it may cause.

11 Mar, received a correction.  The Low Flying Mig is actually a Jaguar (GR.1), ground attack aircraft operated by the British and French.  Thank You ccw0021.  Added Airman Leadership Lesson Plan on Military Writing (Jan 04) to Air Force Writing.  Added Commander's Guide to using PC-III to Good To Know - Air Force.  Added Crashed C-130 on Landing in Iraq to Multi-Media Slides.  Finally added B-52 Stratofortress - Bombings and a Gattling Video to Multi-Media - Military Video/Snippets.

07 Mar.  Received a good feedback concerning the files.  Only files that have been added in the last 15 days will have it.  Hopefully, it will make the site a little easier to look at.  Once updates slow down, it will go back to the 30 day rule.  If there is anything you would like to submit, please   The site can only get better from you!  Finally, I have added a new Photo Gallery to the site.  It is only in testing, for the next couple of weeks, but it will be replacing Multi-Media - Images.

04 Mar, received a feedback about an error on one of the videos.  The 2 F-18 Flyby has been renamed to Super Hornet (F/A-18) & Tomcat (F-14) Fly By.   The inverted jet is a F-18.  (thanks krueger) Added Little Bird (AH-6J ) to Multi-Media - Military Video/Snippets.  Added You Might be a Crew Chief If... and "Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?" to Military Humor.  Finally added two more letters Incoming Personnel - From First Sergeant and Deployment Challenges  to Letter Factory.

03 Mar, added Member has been Awarded, Promoted; Noncommissioned Officer (NCO), Promoted; Unit Commander, Family’s Recent Loss, Retirement, Retirement; Spouse's Service, Removal from Jury Summons, Statement of Service, and five Congratulatory Award letter examples to Letter Factory.  I have also added additional information to some Air Force Awards.  (Just look for the Hyperlinks on the page.)  I have also added Squadron Recognition Program Policy Letter (628 AMSS) to Air Force Writing - Award Guides.  Finally, added Condolence Letter Guidelines to Air Force Writing, Army Writing, and Letter Factory.

02 Mar, added a Comm and Info 3C NCO 04 Award Package to Air Force Writing - Award Examples.  It is a perfect example of why writers should read directions before submitting a package.  Also added Distinguished Graduate From Class to Letter Factory.

01 Mar, added Statement of Intent Letter (12OAY), Change of Command; Group Letter of Appreciation, Memorandum of Appreciation - Safety Review, Curtailment Request; 30 Day, Request For Assignment Cancellation, and Request Change of Reporting Date for PCS to Letter Factory.  Corrected the placement of A Military Wife from Humor to Think About it.  Added the B-52 Crash footage and Low Flying Mig to Multi-Media - Military Video/Snippets.  I have also added NCO-ER EVALUATION REPORT PREPARATION GUIDE to Army Writing.  Finally, I have updated all of the Title Pages and Table of Contents for the Supervisor's Survival Guide.  

28 Feb, I have added 15 Letters to the Letter Factory.  I have also added the Letter Factory link to Quick links, Military Writing Tools (top of the page) and Military Writing Page.

25 Feb, started the Letter Factory. You can find the links off of Air Force Writing.

24 Feb, I have restored all of the video links.  Enjoy.

18 Feb, sorry for not updating the site in the last couple of weeks.  I have been very busy.  Look for the Letter Examples in the first week of March.  I am working on close to 50 examples.  Also, the site has almost maxed out the allotted bandwidth for the month.  I (unfortunately) have taken the following videos off line for the month: AeroSpace Power 1997, Air Force B-Day Video, Ambush; Convoy, Bomb Sadam,  Fallujah Battle, and Special Forces Helo Night Raid.

13 Feb, ran into 2 problems that caused the downtime. First I have a .NL address eating up about 30% of my bandwidth.  In 2 days that is ALOT and the DNS stopped recognizing the site. Sorry for any problems this may have caused. 

9 Feb, sorry for not having the new award guides up.  Had a connection problem last night.  It should be good to go today.

8 Feb, first a correction submitted by a viewer:  the footage (in Multi-Media - Military Video/Snippets) labeled "Korea Aerial Combat" is actually an Israeli Mirage being downed by a SAM in 1973(?).  It has been corrected.  I have been on a Public Affairs Kick today.  I have added seven public affairs awards, Civilian Officer, and Unit to Air Force Writing - Award Examples.  All of them are winners to Wing level at least, the others are to MAJCOM.  Finally added two awards guides.

4 Feb, added USAF First Sergeant Academy Slide Presentations (19 PPT) to Multi-Media Slide Shows - Air Force

3 Feb, had a huge influx of Decoration writing guides (thanks Bruce). I posted 10 of them in there raw (Doc, PDF, rtf, etc) format at Air Force Writing - Award and Decoration Guides.  As time permits, I convert them to HTML, doing so will allow most supervisors to easily use the material when away from the Microsoft world..  :)  Also added a new website: warriorswithwrenches - the website was designed/created by a guard unit now stationed in Afghanistan.  Finally, added two bugle calls, Assemble and Reveille to Multi-Media - Audio. Enjoy

2 Feb, added Tomahawk Launch to Multi-Media - Military Video/Snippets.  I have been busy working on Air Force Writing - Award Examples...  Added another 12 Outstanding Airman of the Year (12OAY) package and the 12OAY Bio for the same package, six C&I yearly packages, and three Public Affairs Awards.

30 Jan.  First things first.  The new awards I added on the 28th, 2004 Yearly winners are not AD but AR awards.  It writing page has been updated as were the award pages themselves.  Sorry for any confusion.  To start everything off, I received a great "Priceless Moment".  Check out What not to do while deployed... in Military Humor.  Second, I added four AR quarterly packages, Senior Technician of the Year Package, a Senior NCO of the Year Example, and a Public Affairs Achievement Award - NCO to Air Force Writing - Award Examples.  I also added a  Effective Writing OPR PRF Slide Show and updated OPR Review Checklist (21 OG).  Next, I added the an old Toby Keith OEF Video Slide Show, "Red, White and Blue" that circled the web a couple of years ago to Multi-Media - Military Video/Snippets.  I added Internet Security to Good To Know - Security.  It includes information about Trojans, Virii, and Identity Theft.  Finally, I updated Air Force Award Timeline page with Local Quarterly Package reminders and add 36-2816 Enlisted Force Structure to Home.  The AFI just changed.  Check it out.

28 Jan, corrected the links to Airman of the Year awards 2002a and 2004 in Air Force Writing - Award Examples.  Added 2005 Transformation Flight Plan Update and AF C&I Intercom mag for January 2005 to Good To Know - Air Force.  If you are wondering the importance of such info, it helps build a better package along with seeing where the AF plans to go.  Added another joke to Military Humor entitled Who Said....   Plus, I added another Convoy Ambush, Bomb Sadam and a B-1 Bomber Video to Multi-Media - Military Video/Snippets.  Finally I started a huge update to Air Force Writing, added 21 SW EPR OPR DEC Guide, EPR Review Checklist (21 OG) and three 2004 Annual award examples.  Special thanks to 27 SW/IG and SMS.

27 Jan, updated Air Force Award Timeline page.  It is now in Chronological order. (at least as close as I can get) 

26 Jan, added two NCO of the Year award examples and two Airman of the Year example to Air Force Writing - Award Examples.  While in Air Force Writing, check out the newly added Awards and Decoration Guide from the 51st FW.  Also added some Good to Know information for When you prepare to meet a board.  (Concentrates on AF, but relevant to any service) and an Air Force Assignment FAQ.

25 Jan, added You Know You're Out Of The Military When..., An Explanation of Air Force Rank and the best Enlisted and Officer Performance Report (EPR/OPR) Bullets to Military Humor.  Finally, updated the Supervisor's Tool box to Supervisor's Survival Guide, and added Military vs Civilian Pay Comparison from 2002 (xls) to Airmen Retention and Marketplace Evaluation Decision Information.  

24 Jan, added Wear of "V" DEVICE on the Air Medal (AM) to Good to Know - Air Force Specific.  Also added A Military Wife to Military Humor

21 Jan, added Military Spouse and Family Educational Assistance Programs to the Education Page.  It contains good information for all service family members. Added two more examples to Air Force Writing - Award Examples, Junior Technician of the Year (2004) and Airman of the Year (2004) both of which were winning packages.  Finally, I added three Air Force Specific videos, Forming up a Flight, Retreat, and Open Ranks to Multi-Media - Military Video/Snippets.  They are from the 1st Shirt Academy, thanks Waycool.

20 Jan, added Airman Entering Basic Military Training to Military Humor.  (it maybe slightly outdated but its still fun to read).  I added some new Phishing and Spyware pages to Good To Know - Security.  They contain some pretty good information since a lot of us get hit by them constantly.  I have also been looking at the Link Page, and have released it looks like crap!  So I will be working on it for a while.  I have also added a Financial Information Page to the site.  Hey its your money minds well have a better understanding.  It will be linked off of Good to Know and the Information Pull-Down Menu.  Finally, I added seven 12 Outstanding Airman of the Year (SNCO) examples to the Air Force Writing - Award Examples.  Enjoy

19 Jan, added new deals to the Store Front.  Look at the Deals of the Month if you missed them when you first hit the site, or look at the Deals of the Day.  Finished adding all of the AF Chief of Staff Reading List books to the From The Inside - Book Store.  Added AF PT Uniform Guidance to Good to Know.  I have also updated the Chief of Staff Reading Lists on the Home Page.  Finally, I updated the F-A 37 "Talon" page with more useful information and added Writing Effective Enlisted Performance Reports "EES" PPT to both Multi-Media Slide Shows - Air Force and Air Force Writing - OPR/EPR Guides.

18 Jan, received numerous messages about mistitling a movie and a chopper.  The Chinook video is actually a Sea Knight "Phrog" Crashing. seven marines died in that episode. I apologize for any misunderstanding this may have caused.  Thou has corrected thy self.

14 Jan, adding new heading menu on most pages...  It is definitely a work in progress...  If you see anything that needs work, Comment me.  If you have anything you would like to have posted,

13 Jan, working on a new sub-domain for the site.  Besides that, added IRA C. EAKER College for Professional Development's "How to Prepare Performance Reports"  (Enlisted and Officer Performance Report writing guide) to Air Force Writing - OPR EPR Guides.  Finally added a new slide show, Boeing's Finest.  Its a little old and along the OEF concept but I still like it.  Find it in the Multi-Media Slide Shows.

12 Jan, added six more videos to Multi-Media - Military Video/Snippets.  Five of them are from Terrorist Cells, and mostly propaganda videos.  But they show the story of what our forces are against.  It is definitely scary.  Also added both OPR (AF 707) and Officer PFW (AF 724) IMT files to Pubs and Forms.  Finally added an EPR FAQ to Good to Know - FAQs.

11 Jan, added politically correct joke, Towel Heads to Military Humor.  Also added You Can Read It to Military HumorProtecting people or profit? was added to Perceptions.  Included Space Available (Spacea) Travel in General Military Links and Good To Know.  Finally, added a Junior Technician of the Year example to Air Force Writing - Award Examples.

7 Jan, added a six new videos to Multi-Media - Military Video/Snippets.  Finally, added a Senior Fuels Technician of the Year award to Air Force Writing - Award Examples.

5 Jan, added Troop Tested Tension Tips to Good to Know.  Eight stress relievers tested in the most stressful workplace on earth: Iraq, by the soldiers of Delta Troop.  

4 Jan, added some good supervisor tools: Memory Joggers for Supervisor (AB-TSgt PFW), Memory Joggers for Individual (AB-TSgt PFW), and Memory Joggers for Supervisor (SNCO PFW) to Leadership Tools - AF.

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