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AFAM for Outstanding Achievement

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SUBJECT: Letter of Recommendation for A1C <FNAME> <MI> <LNAME>

1. I recommend award of the Air Force Achievement medal to A1C <FNAME> <MI> <LNAME>for his outstanding support in the recent bed down of the RQ-4 Global Hawk in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM from 11 September 2001 to 30 November 2001.

2. Airman <LNAME>swiftly rose to the challenge preparing the Unmanned Exploitation Shelter for the new arrival of Global Hawk Exploitation System. He took an active role in leading eight other personal to relocate the National Deployable Transit-cased System to a new shelter. His work and leadership ensured the move was completed successfully in 3 hours versus the 72 hour benchmark. His achievements ensured continuous National imagery was available to U-2 mission analysts without possible mission degradation.

3. Airman <LNAME>diligently readied pre-deployment support equipment in support of the first ever combat deployment of the Global Hawk Imagery Exploitation System. His can do attitude provide the unit with a list of 75 critical commercial parts not previously identified for deployment. His preemptive approach achieved the successful deployment of <UNIT> Forward and provided a baseline for future deployments.

4. Airman <LNAME>’s technical knowledge was priceless pursuing the Chief of Staff of the Air Force’s goal of 8 minutes from sensor to shooter. He researched a number of analyst exploitation processes and streamlined a variety of software programs to save 24 seconds per image in the weapons systems, allowing analyst to get time sensitive messages and imagery to the war fighter. His achievement set the bar to further examine time saving processes to meet the CSAF goal of 8 minutes sensor to shooter.

5. Throughout the campaign Airman <LNAME>’s involvement assured 99% system readiness of the Global Hawk Exploitation System, Satellite Receive Segment and National Deployable Transit-cased System. His efforts ensured the collection of 1,500 gigabytes of imagery data used by local analysts to produce 35,000 electronic target folders used by both U-2 and RQ-4 analysts to identify order of battle and other points of interest.

6. A1C <LNAME>’s achievements through all phase of this historic deployment are truly deserving of this award.


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