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Letter of Appreciation - Group - Change of Command

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FROM: <Giving Unit>/CC

SUBJECT: Letter of Appreciation

1. It is with great pleasure that I convey my sincere appreciation to your personnel for their superior performance and extraordinary dedicated efforts regarding <###> Wing Change of Command on Saturday, <DATE> at the <Location>. By all measurable standards, this ceremonial event exceeded all expectations and set a precedence of excellence for all to follow.

2. Comments received from distinguished visitors and special guests were most favorable and confirmed my thoughts pertaining to the professional and highly effective manner in which the change of command was planned and executed. I understand and appreciate the long, hard hours of work and preparation to correlate the myriad of details necessary to ensure the success of this event. This demonstration of exceptional skill and resourcefulness in coordinating all major tasks was nothing short of superior. Said one World War II veteran, “I was moved to tears today as I watched with great pride the professionalism, the precise execution and commitment to excellence exhibited by all those who participated in this memorable event”. That says it all.

3. In almost 30 years of service with the Air Force, I have not seen a better or more patriotic event. I felt a deep and profound sense of pride as I watched the flawless execution of this memorable event. It is only befitting that we recognize those who performed their duties brilliantly and made such a lasting impression upon all those who attended. Please take the earliest opportunity to recognize those individuals who made a contribution to the success of the Wing Change of Command Ceremony. I will always remember this event with great fondness. Thank you for a job extraordinarily well done above and beyond the call of duty.

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