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This year's Airman Basic entering Basic Military Training

Author: Chief C

* Was born in 1985-6. 
* Never saw the long sleeve blue shirt, without epaulets. 
* Wouldn't know what service ever wore a dark blue shirt. 
* Never wore fatigues, or cut off their utility uniform sleeves. 
* Never saw an E-4 NCO. 
* DOES remember the shuttle exploding, on approach not departure. 
* Has never used a computer storage disk larger than 3.25", or ever measured memory with Kilobytes. 
* Wasn't around when "smart bombs" were not so smart. 
* Choose between contacts or corrective lens surgery, instead of BC glasses. 
* Has never seen a metal desk at work. 
* Has never lived in a world without GPS. 
* Wonders what navigators were for. 
* Can't imagine having to share their dorm room. 
* Has never pulled KP, CQ, or likely ever worked a base detail. 
* Has never been in a squadron without carpeting, and wouldn't know what to do with a floor buffer. 
* Is curious to know how we lived without e-mail or Yahoo. 
* Has never "dialed" a phone. 
* They were born long after we lost Elvis, John, and The Duke. 
* Nobody has ever shot at our president in their lifetime. 
* They have never seen a KC-135 or B-52 "burn water". 
* They were 4 when we invaded Panama, 5 when the Cold War ended, 6 when SAC, TAC, and MAC went away. 
* They have never filed a voucher and waited for the cash.

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Insight added on: 20 January 2005