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Like anything it is good to know how you are looked at.  Both Good and Bad.

Tribute Thinking Perceptions Inspirational

How Others (Media) View Us (Military)

Hanoi Jane
Author: Jerry Driscoll?
Outcry over Jane Fonda being honored as one of the "100 Women of the Century
This is a main inspiration for this entire site!
$99K a Year
(from the Airman Magazine)
The Congressional Budget Office says the average
service member “makes” $99,000 a year. Less than half shows up in a paycheck, however.
Al-Qaeda and the House of SaudVery Good article from Asia Times.  It is rather long though.
American GI Time Magazine named "the American GI" the most influential person of the century. It is the only one that is not a single individual
America: The Good Neighbor
Author: Unknown (Canadian Newspaper)
Editorial from Canada of how Americans are the most generous and possibly the least appreciated people on all the earth
America's Military Doesn't Need New RoleGood article discussing the broadening of the military's authority inside U.S. border due to the problems with Hurricane Katrina.
America's Youth Must Serve Their Country, One Way Or Another
Author: Edward B. Glick (5 Sep 2006) Christian Science Monitor
Slanted view of the greatness of a draft and its many purposes.
British War MemoGood article talking about the firestorm a newly released memo started about OIF.
Debunking The Myth Of The Underprivileged Soldier
Author: T. Kane & J.J. Carafano (USA Today)
Article showing the fact the all volunteer force isn't a bunch of broke minorities...  And to think people spin serving in the military.
Drinking Lattes
Author: Max Boot (Jul 5)
Los Angeles Times
Misconstrued opinion of the luxuries of the front lines in Iraq.
Dumbing Down G.I. Joe
Author: K. Horrigan  (Aug 20)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
An interesting look at how the standards of enlistment are being "dumbed down".  A worthy read to understand tomorrows soliders.
Flawed Iraqi ClaimNY Times post concerning Pres Bush False Claim of Iraq trying to purchase Nuclear materials from Africa
Infantryman's wife saw the photo and knewMaj. Mark Bieger, the operations officer for the 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment, emerged Monday from the scene of double bombings in Mosul with a fatally wounded girl in his arms
The Military
Author: John F. Harris (Washington Post)
A look at the average American military member. Kind words, and great points.
Moment Of Grace On The Battlefield
Author: John P. Avlon
(Houston Chronicle)
American medic in Iraq shows what forgiveness means
My Country Your CountryIraqi woman questioning a cashier, about the war in Iraq

Protecting people or profit?  
Author: Max Jourdan (BBC)

America's privatized military machine is at the heart of the war on drugs in Colombia. Defense corporations hired by the US government enjoy extremely lucrative contracts, but who is responsible when something goes wrong? 
Outcry after Comments from Falwell and Robertson
Author: John F. Harris (Washington Post)
Statements said liberal civil liberties groups, feminists, homosexuals and abortion rights supporters bear partial responsibility of Sept 11
Our GI's Earn Enough
Author: Cindy Williams
Article wrote in 2000, that ruffled a lot of tail feathers. From the info I have received, the Washington Post article never happen... But who knows. Read a version of the response below
Rationalizing Torture
Author: David R. Irvine (Washington Post)

Opinion article looking for the value of torture. (Washington Post Article)
Red On FridaysTouching story of a First Class Ticket to reality.
Robin William's PlanRobin Williams came up with the perfect plan to get the US out of its current state
Saving Private JessicaOP-ED COLUMN concerning the rescue of PVT Jessica
Ex-POW Lynch Says Government Used HerWell read Saving Private Jessica, and this makes since.
Stand Proud for Our American Troops
Author: A1C Michael Bragg
Airman responds to Cindy Williams piece for the Washington Times, denouncing the pay raise's coming service members. From the info I have received, the Washington Post article never happen... But who knows
Statistically Speaking   Life expectancy comparison of those in Iraq vs those living in CA
The Thankful Tree
Author: Michelle Malkin (Washington Times)
How a mother answers her child question about what she is thankful for this Thanksgiving.
Too Hot For Arizona = Convicts???Associated Press reports about convicts at Maricopa County Jail

Veterans Day is Next Thursday

Nice Graphical Chain Mail that was send out for Veteran's Day 2004.  
Wag the DogI normally wouldn't talk about a movie, but in the modern events one is often discussed. It has been tossed around as a conspiracy theory and political stance. Buy It and understand the what all the talk is about.
What's a Military Family Worth?
Author: Rush Limbaugh (3/11/02)
A comparison of Death Benefits of US Soldiers Compared to those that died Sept 11, 2001
What's a Military Family Worth? Take 2
Author: Rush Limbaugh (3/11/02?)
A comparison of Death Benefits of US Soldiers Compared to those that died Sept 11, 2001 plus a little talk about social security. Read the caption in the beginning of the message
Why I Can Not Hold a Candle
Author: Elijah Wald (AlterNet 9/14/01)
Elijah Wald views of the double standard of US Political Leaders
Why Skimp On The GI Bill?
Author: Suzanne Mettler (LA Times)
Author poses the question as to why the modern day GI Bill payout only equals that of WWII vets

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