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Good To Know

Factual Tidbits

Finance Information - Its Your Money! Education

Table of Contents

General Mil  Security Info


AF Specific

Army Specific

Military How/Whys

13 Folds of the US FlagMilitary ceremonial reading of each of the 13 folds of our country's flag
50 Questions Every Airman Can AnswerGood document answering 50 questions Airman have either thought of or sought out. (1.1M PDF)
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Direct link the Arlington National Cemetery Website.
Rules of the Mess - Dining In/OutA little History and most importantly The Rules Of the Mess
No More "CINCs" CINC, meaning Commander in Chief, is no longer a valid acronym for military officers (PDF File)
POW\MIA Reading  POW\MIA Protocol Readings at most military functions
Chiefs of Staff Reading Lists
CSA's Reading ListCSAF's Reading ListCNO's Reading ListCMC's Reading List

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General Military

2007 Enlisted W/ Dependants BAH2007 Enlisted W/O Dependants BAH
2007 Enlisted Pay Chart2007 Officer Pay Chart
2006 Enlisted Pay Chart2006 Officer Pay Chart
2005 Pay Chart 2004 Pay Chart
2005 X-Mas Mail Deadlines10 tips on Volunteering Wisely
SGI Rate Reduction  
2002 Military vs Civilian Pay Comparison Great Excel Spread sheet to determine the cost effectiveness of becoming Civilian
800 Access via DSNGood info.  Took me a long time to figure it out the first time.
"Chronic Candy"Protect yourself and understand that somethings are just not allowed in the Military.
Check 21 Law Basically it describes the new rules in how banks handle paper checks.  Very important if you have ever floated a check before payday
Erosion of Retirement Benefits!EXTREMELY IMPORTANT RELEASE!  CONGRESS is hacking away at your RETIREMENT Benefits
Est. of KOREAN DEFENSE SERVICE MEDAL New Medal designed for those how have spent a tour at the peninsula
Frequent Traveler SitesCollection of Frequent Traveler sites (airlines and vehicles)
Game Addiction Early warning signs of possible problems
Insurance Companies to Pay Back GIs for DeceptionTexas Department of Insurance uncovered a pattern of deception from American-Amicable Life Insurance Company of Texas, Pioneer American Insurance Company and Pioneer Security Life Insurance Company toward young soldiers.
 Military (AF) Benefits Fact Sheet 
MPS; Sending charitable donations infoInformation regarding sending charitable donations via MPS
Pareto's Principle The 80/20 rule discussing the Trivial Many vs the Vital Few!
POV Registration DiscontinuationName says it all.
VFW "Budget Proposal" VFW Terms President's VA Budget Proposal Harmful to Veterans
VFW Appeals to Congress for Relief
Service members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) Info regarding the SCRA & how it applies to you.
Space-A Travel Pages; John D’s MilitaryMilitary Space-A Travel FAQ, Locations, “How do I …….?”, Travel News Articles and Travelers “Frappr” Map
Space Available (Spacea) Travel Passenger Operations, Lodging and Other Space-A Travel Related Information
Successful Homecoming TipsHomecoming Tips for both the member and spouse
Joint Travel RegulationThe Ban on cell phone usage has hit main stay.

Troop Tested Tension Tips

8 stress relievers tested in the most stressful workplace on earth: Iraq. The soldiers of Delta Troop tell you what really calms the nerves.
USAA.COM Interest Rebateif you are deployed to the sand box and have a loan with USAA, they will rebate the interest charged on your account
Veteran bonus; Massachusetts  As the name implies, info for MA veterans.
Veteran bonus; South DakotaAs the name implies, info for SD veterans.


Security Information

Personal SecurityConsumer Security
Hotel Room Card Key Information   Important information concerning HOTEL key info that you should be aware of!Beware of Phishing Expeditions "password harvesting fishing" information and reporting procedures

“Phishing” -  Scams Target Military Credit Card Holders

Good information to protect you, your finances and credit history.  Received from HQ AFOSICredit and Credit Card Protection Advisory Very Good information on how to protect yourself from identity theft and other common sense practices
"Phishing" - When You Give Out Your Personal Financial Information Step-by-Step guide on what to do.  Linked to 
Anti-Phishing Working Group
Consumer Scams Targeting Military Great Information for Military Members to be aware of! If you are new in the Military, READ THIS!!! (PDF File: 1.6M)
"Phishing" - How to Avoid Scams List of recommendations developed by Anti-Phishing Working Group to avoid becoming a victim of these scamsMyPay Fraud Warning   Information concerning MYPAY fraud
   Recognizing and Avoiding Spyware More then enough information regarding spyware and simple protection methods



AF Basic Military Training Air Force Assignments
Air Force Feedback (PFB) Q & A CJR Q&A
Cost of Living Allowance Career Status Bonus (CSB) - REDUX
Enlisted Promotion Enlisted Performance Reports FAQ
Finance Short-Term Cash Non-Commissioned Officer Academy NCOA  
SGLI $400K Increase 

In Association with

Air Force Related (See AFMentor for more information)

2005 Transformation Flight Plan Update If you are asking yourself so...  Look at what you are doing today and how it relates.  Makes a good bullet.
2005 C4ISR Information INTERCOM Online Mag, Jan 2005 (3.4M PDF)
Air Force Benefit Fact Sheet2006 Edition of FAQ sheet.  Required during all Performance Feedbacks!
Air and Space Campaign Medal InfoInformation about the ASCM.  If you have been supporting an operations check this out.  You may be entitled to it.
Airman Must Know DatesImportant dates all Airman must know.

AF PT Uniform Guidance

Approved message guidance. Pay close attention to the tattoos. Same rules apply. This is a uniform and grooming standards mirror those of our other uniforms. Message also advertises availability and clothing allowance to purchase.
AFSC Enlisted CodesListing all Enlisted Air Force Specialty Codes - PDF File - AFMAN 36-2108 (5.5M)
AFSC Officer CodesListing all Officer Air Force Specialty Codes - PDF File - AFMAN 36-2105 (3.8M)
AF Fitness StandardsComplete AF Fitness Charts released '03 (PDF)
Enlisted Clothing Allowances for FY 2005  Updated Enlisted Clothing Allowances for FY 2005 
INTERCOM Online Magazine Best Online Newspaper (Magazine) in the Air Force 2003
The US Air Force Dining-InAn abbreviated guide for planning and conducting a dining-in or dining-out
Air Force prohibits e-mail extrasnew information regulating the prevention of fancy signature blocks, quotations, backgrounds or clip art in e-mails
Est. of AF Campaign Medal - LetterMedal designed for those who are not eligible for a DoD Campaign Medal
Korean Dual Citizens InfoDual Citizenship Issues for Personnel Being Assigned to the
Republic of Korea (ROK)
Operation BLUE to GREENInfo on Transferring to the Army
PC-III; Commander's Guide to usingGive you a handy reference source to refer to the operation of some of the key features of PC-III. (Jan 03 33K Doc)
Short Tour Credit for 181 Day TDYsLetter Released from AFPC concerning Short Tour Credit for 181 Day TDYs. Includes a Q&As!
Supervisor Career Counseling GuideTitle says it all (141K Doc)
TAKING CARE OF YOUR PEOPLE: A SUPERVISOR’S GUIDEGreat Read for any supervisor.  Especially sound for new sups.  The doc consolidates much of the information you’re responsible for providing your troops into one easy-to-read document.   

Retention & Marketplace Eval Guide - SrA 

Retention & Marketplace Eval Guide - SSgt  
Retirement ScriptQuick retirement script.  Check it out.  Includes an MSM, DMSM and additional items.  Something to work from at least.
What to do when you meet a board Good information in preparing to meet a board.
Wear of "V" DEVICE on the Air Medal (AM) Any AF Member (AD, GUARD, RESERVE), who was awarded the AM for Heroism on or after 21 OCT 2004 is authorized to wear the "V" DEVICE on the AM ribbon and medal.

Army Related

New FM 101-5-1 (Operational Terms and Graphics) Commo/ Infantry terms and definitions

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