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Enlisted Clothing Allowances for FY 2005

Submitted: Leslie

Effective 1 October 2004, clothing allowances for enlisted members will be paid as follows: 

  • Annual Clothing Replacement Allowance. The annual enlisted clothing replacement allowance increased from $309.60 to $428.40 for men; and from $352.80 to $471.60 for women. Males under four years of military service increased from $216.00 to $298.80; and females under four increased from $248.40 to $331.20 Payments are made at the end of members' anniversary month. 
  • Supplemental Clothing Allowance. An annual $197.00 supplemental clothing allowance is authorized for Military Training Instructors (AFSC 8B000) and Military Training Leaders/Managers (AFSC 8B100) on Lackland AFB; along with PME instructors at NCOA and ALS; and members assigned to recruiting squadrons/groups. Squadrons must submit DD Forms 114, Military Pay Order, (signed by commanders) with names and ssan. Under the "Reason for Change" column, indicate "members are assigned to applicable duty and authorized supplemental clothing allowance of $197.00". Send commander approved Military Pay Order via transmittal or handcarry to the Military Pay Quality Examination Section of Finance. Allowances will be processed for the next available payday.
  • Civilian Clothing Allowance.. For commander directed purchase of civilian clothing for TDY deployment of 30 days or more, members receive $563.62 -- 15 to 29 days, members receive $281.81. This entitlement is normally authorized in members' TDY deployment orders. (Officers must be permanently assigned overseas in order to receive this allowance). 
  • Boots for Security Forces Personnel. Security Forces enlisted members, graduating from technical school, are entitled to a one time payment of $84.00, for the purpose of buying an extra pair of boots.
  • Maternity Clothing Allowance. This $283 allowance is for enlisted females only; and is deposited directly into military pay accounts. To receive the allowance, commanders must endorse and date AF Forms 422, Physical Profile Serial Report; and include a statement that members have received counseling on the requirement to purchase uniform items necessary to perform assigned duties; along with the mandatory maternity smock and one long sleeve blue maternity blouse. If commanders do not date AF Forms 422, then the effective date is the date of receipt at Finance. Members hand-carry AF Forms 422 to the Finance Customer Service Contact Center.. Finance verifies members have not received maternity clothing allowance in the past 3 years and update military pay accounts. Members should receive the allowance on the next available payday. After the 'first' baby is born, member should obtain a copy of the certified birth certificate from the county clerk and take to Finance to update with-dependent BAH entitlement. No need to update subsequent children in the household.
  • Reference AFI 36-3014, Clothing Allowances for Air Force Personnel 

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