The KDSM was authorized by the Fiscal Year 2003 National Defense Authorization Act for military members who served in the Korean area of operations from 28 July 1954 until a date yet to be determined. The DoD is currently creating the criteria and requirements for this award. Once this is complete, the KDSM will be manufactured, then DoD officials will provide direction on "who and how" the medal will be issued. Please note that the Korean Defense Service Medal is not connected to the Korean War Service Medal, currently being issued to Korean war veterans. We ask that personnel refrain from asking questions relating to the KDSM, until the criteria and requirements are available. When this information is available in a few months, it will be posted at the AFPC Awards/Decorations website and publicized via an Air Force wide message or MPFM. POC is AFPC/DPPPRA, DSN 665-2516.

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Page added on: 17 June 2003