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Erosion of Retirement Benefits!

In order to help balance the defense budget, Congress and our military leaders think it would be a great idea to steady increase Tricare Premiums for retirees.  Depending on when you came into the military you may have been promised free or inexpensive insurance coverage for life.  With that said, this is a slap in the face of all veterans.  Please let your congress person know.

Below is a excerpt from a Air Force Sergeant Association message.  If the link to the TriCare Fees Increase PDF does not work click here.

If you happen to have this in a more user friendly format, TXT or Doc, please email it.  I would love to have post a form message all service personal can use.

The proposed TRICARE Fee increases will significantly reduce the value of the benefits those currently serving will receive upon retirement. Based on inputs we have received from active duty personnel, members are rightfully dismayed and feel disgusted that their leadership is abandoning them. We feel the Administration has underestimated the impact this change will have on the active duty force. Members of Congress are beginning to listen and it’s imperative that they hear from actively serving individuals on how this DoD proposal will impact future career reenlistment decisions. Make it a voting issue and let elected officials know you won’t be voting for anyone that supports these increases during the November election. Many Americans don’t pay attention to the news, actively engage damaging legislative issues, or vote. They apparently don’t care. Many who do care feel helpless yet do nothing; not realizing that their complacent attitude is exactly what allows questionable agendas to get pushed through. This is not the time to stand idly by and do nothing…you must act. All Air Force Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, retirees, friends and family members need to write or call their elected officials now! Use the Legislative Bulletin and sample letter located at to familiarize yourself with the issue and formulate your message to Congress. Remember, if you’re not an active citizen, you’re the first person to blame!

Write Your Representative  -  Here is an easy link to find the way to contact your representative in the House.

Contacting Your Two Senators -  Here is an easy link to find the way to contact your representative in the Senate.


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Page added on: 07 February 2006