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31 May, added Things a Military wife DOES NOT want to hear! to Something to Think About.  4 more Aerospace videos will be added very soon.10 Mar, added New Air Force Commercial, "Above All" to Multi-Media - Professional Videos.

19 Feb, in case you haven't seen the 2008 IRS Tax Rebate information, there has been a page added about how much to expect and when in Financial Information - It's Your MONEY!

18 Feb, added These and Those to Informational - Something to Think About.  Good article looking at class separation through the use of the terms These and Those.  Also added Old 1950's Video of a song saluting Air Force Blue. Talk about heritage...  Find it in Multi-Media - Music Videos

27 Jan, added two new videos to Multi-Media - Informational Videos; Air Force - Complete Inspection and What Not to do as a Guide Arm.

13 Jan, added ACLens and GameznFlix to Military Bonus.  ACLens offers military personnel 10% off contact lenses and accessories and Gameznflix offers 1-month free trial and ships to APO/FPO.  Also added F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter) Air To Air file footage, M-240 7.62mm machine gun file footage, JDAM Boom and JDAM After Effects to Multi-Media - Raw Video Footage.  Finally, the Newsletter has been posted.

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