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22 Dec, added DD 1351-2 and DD 1351-2c in IMT format to Pubs and Forms Page.

21 Dec, Added seven new Air Force Development slide presentations to Multi-Media Slide - Air Force. to see them.  I also added Pareto's Principle, to Leadership docs, Good To Know and Air Force Writing pages.  If you have never heard of it, it takes about the Trivial Many vs the Vital Few...take a look.  I really enjoy the truth of the information!  Added C&I Nomination Letter 3A0 Quarterly example to Air Force Writing - Letter Examples.  Finally, I added a Lance P. Sijan Senior Enlisted Award Example to Air Force Writing - Award Examples.

14 Dec, added Outstanding Enlisted Intelligence (Non Intel AFSC) Contributor of the Year NCO to Air Force Writing - Award Examples.  Finally updated Military Book Store and the Chief of Staff Opening Suggestions!  I also added Reprimands and Admonitions Guide to Air Force Writing - Guides.  (Thanks Trish).  Finally added SSgt retention and marketplace evaluation Guide and SrA retention and marketplace evaluation Guide to Multi-Media Slide page and Leadership Tools - Air Force Specific. (Thanks again Trish)

13 Dec, added Outstanding Enlisted Intelligence Contributor of the Year to Air Force Writing - Award Examples.  I also added AFI 36-2807 (originally AFI 36-2847) to Military Pubs and Forms.  Started adding Intelligence award to the Air Force Award Time Line Page.  I am still looking for more examples to put on the site.  I have about four yearly packages and a handful of quarterly packages.   Finally Time is ticking away to sign up for TSP.  

10 Dec, working on the site a little more today.  Multi-Media Slide page has been better organized as well as Good To Know.  Added the FAQ section to the Good To Know Page along with a Career Job Reservation (CJR) FAQ.  Finally added a 2001 Verne Orr award submission to Air Force Writing - Award Examples and updated Acronyms Page and Air Force Award Time Line Page.

9 Dec, as it looks right now, the server upgrade went pretty good.  No down time.

8 Dec, Awaiting for the server update so I can re-upload the files.  Most likely since this was suppose to be easy, Murphy will strike.  If that is the case bare with me as I get it up and running.  In the mean time, I am catching up on some older submissions.   I received an email about Buying phone cards for the TroopsAll proceeds from the site (month of December) will go to buying cards!  Added Veterans Day is Next Thursday and My Country / Your Country, to the Perceptions Page. Both are nice up lifting stories..  Added New FM 101-5-1 (Operational Terms and Graphics) to Good To Know and Military Humor.  Added The Army Writing Style to Army Writing - Guide and The Heretic's Guide to Better
Air Force Writing
to Air Force Writing - Guides.  (Its funny, the more guides I review, the more they all look the same...)  Added DD-1351 Advance DLA Request form to Military Pubs and Forms.

7 Dec, getting a larger host server for the site.  Unfortunately I need to re-upload everything!  As of now, it is planned for 8 Dec.  The only real outage will be the Multi-Media files.  Those should all be up by 9th.  Added USAFE Acronyms to both the Acronyms Page and Air Force Writing.  Finally, added Air Force prohibits e-mail extras letter released to the AF public.  Find it in Good To Know.

6 Dec, been extremely busy so the page hasn't been updated in a little bit.  So here is what is up today:  Added the EPSQ (old SF-86) Security Program to Supervisor's Tools.  Added a B-1 "Lancer" range video to Multi-Media - Military Video/Snippets.  Added more Air Force Writing - Guides: EES (EPR) Training Guide and OPR Review Check List.  Finally, I have updated the Air Force Awards Time Line Page.

19 Nov, been another very busy day.  Received some incredible pictures of the new F/A 37 Stealth Plane on the USS Washington.  (They could be fakes, but I think they are rather convincing!)  You can find them in Multi-Media - Images.  Added 75 MSS EPR/OPR/PRF writing guide and USAFE EPR/OPR/Perf Slide show (included References, Rules and Techniques) to Air Force Writing Page and Multi-Media Slide Shows respectively. I also added THE ARMY WRITING PROGRAM to both Multi-Media Slide Shows and Army Writing - Guides Added an incredible slide show released by the UN of Spy-Satellite Photos proving The Case For War Against IRAQ.  Find it in Humor and Slide Shows!  Finally added 8 new raw videos, 1 music video and 1 comedy to Multi-Media - Military Video/Snippets

2000lb Laser Guided BombAnti-Tank Rocket FiredAnti-Tank HumveeB-2 Bomber Music VideoF/A-18 Hornet Fly By
FLIR Bombing of TankF-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)Fallujah BattleUSS MontanaGAU-8 Test Run

18 Nov, been a busy day.  Received new Iraqi video, Fallujah Laser Guided Bomb.  If you haven't seen it, its pretty incredible!  You can find it in Multi-Media - Military Video/Snippets

17 Nov, still working on the menu bar, sorry for any problems this may have caused.  It has also caused the Table of Contents to be slightly out of date...  Again, I am working to fix this.  I have received a flood of EPR and other writing files, I have only been able to load EPR Assessment PPT at this time.  You can find it in Air Force Writing and Multi-Media Slide Shows..  They should be all up in the next 3 days or so.  Thanks to another patron, I have learned all the Multi-Media Audio links are bad. They are now all on the local server, plus added The Hussein Train.  Enjoy!

 16 Nov, added NAVFit98A (6M zip) to Supervisor Tools and Military Writing..  Anyone who maybe curious it is used by the Navy to write evaluation reports.  Also added a couple of slide shows, Effective Writing (AF), Writing For Impact (AF), and Effective Military Communication (Writing/Briefing) (Army) to both Military Writing and Multi-Media Slide Shows.   Military Writing has received a face lift.  It is now separated into Air Force Writing and Army Writing.  In the coming month, the remainder of Military writing will be cleaned up with only General Writing Guides in Military Writing.  Service Specific will only be found in the proper services page.

15 Nov, Received feedback about Enlisted Promotion Guide SNCO Time In Service (TIS) formula, it has been corrected.  Thank You!  Removed the Affiliates Link page and Other Links...  I am in the process of cleaning up the menu bar, removed  the pull downs Military Bonus, Other Links, Store Front and Humor.   Looking for a gift idea, Check out The Store Front.

9 Nov, finished A Guide for the Air Force Officer and DoD Civilian.  It is a great reference tool for first time supervisors along with Officers and DoD Civilians.  I took the original file from another website and made it more user friendly.  There are six sections: Writing Effective EPRs and Awards, Performance Feedback, Enlisted Promotion Guide, Enlisted Training, Unprofessional Relationships & Fraternization, and finally Enlisted Professional Military Education  (PME).  I also added three FAQs (Enlisted Promotion, Feedback Q & A, and Finance Short-Term Cash) to the FAQ section.  

8 Nov, did some maintenance on the home page...  Added corresponding reading lists above the associated books above.  Also changed the recommended books on the home page and added some more to the Military Book Store.  I am on the look out for more raw video footage.  Please contact me if you have any, or know of a location where I can find some.  Thank You.

4 Nov, added Citation examples for the following four decorations: Joint Service Achievement Medal (JSAM), Joint Service Commendation Medal (JSCM), Air Force Commendation Medal (AFCM), and Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (AFEM).  You can find them in Military Writing.  I also added a new Army Leadership Counseling PowerPoint Presentation to both Leadership Tools and Multi-Media - Slideshows. Finally, added one more Shockwave video (5.5M) Until Then, an OEF tribute to Military Video/Snippets.

3 Nov, added Citation examples for the following three decorations:  Air Force Achievement Medal (AFAM), Defense Meritorious Service Medal (MSM), and Aerial Achievement Medal.  Find them in Military Writing 

2 Nov, added 2004 Europe to CONUS Christmas mailing deadlines to Good To Know Page.

1 Nov, corrected a link on the Vacation/Resorts Page.  Plus added two new sites to it. 

29 Oct, added a couple of items.  First, added a 11 Sep 2001: Day of Terror Shockwave video to  Military Video/Snippets. I also added Remember the Blood of Heroes locally to the website.  The original hosting site has been down. Next, I added Joint Service Medal examples of Board Recommendation Memo, Narrative, and Citation to Military Writing.  Finally, I added DoD 1348.33-M, "Manual of Military Decorations and Awards" to the Forms and Pubs Page.

27 Oct, Added Air Force SNCO Promotion Board Video (35M WMV) to Military Video/Snippets.  In the coming days, Military Video/Snippets will be reorganized to create a more user friendly experience.  it has been growing so much lately it has become a confusing mess. If there is anything you would like to see, please send me a comment and let me know.  If there is anything you would like to submit, please do so.  

20 Oct, Added part two, "Operation Iraqi Freedom" of  Enduring Freedom series to Military Video/Snippets.  Another great video release by the Navy, Marine Corps! I also received a four PowerPoint Slide Presentations from the 9-11, three are 9-11 photo galleries and the forth Message To Osama is more humorous.  You can find them in Multi-Media Slides 9-11 Section.  All of them are good, and worth your time.  Best to never forget.  Finally, added two more videos to the Military Video/Snippets, first being a September 11, 2001 Tribute set to a Guns 'n Roses audio track and the Spoof of the "No One Comes Close" AF recruiting video, The Real Air Force.  Check them out.  

18 Oct, added GREAT article concerning the Military Redux Retirement Plan to the Good To Know Page..   It you qualify for the REDUX retirement, you should read this to find out what you will be giving up by taking the $30K bonus.  

15 Oct, here is some interesting info.  The AF Bird has been selected as one of the top 12 mascots in the country. Capital One is hosting an 11-week competition to select the "mascot of the year." Part of the competition includes online, popular voting. Some have reported back that they could not complete the voting process as set up by ESPN.  We have no control over that.  Give it your best shot. Help The Bird win. Vote today: Click here to cast your vote

13 Oct, continuing the cleaning of the website. Have corrected numerous outdated links in addition to fixing backgrounds and java applets from the older pages.  Also added a Fraud Information Report concerning "Phishing" scams for GTC information to both Good To Know - Security and Financial Management in the Supervisors Tool Box above.  Continuing with creation of Air Force Award examples in the Military Writing Page..  I added an example of Lance P. Sijan USAF Leadership award.  Finally, I added a Shockwave file (thanx Dave) concerning the 9-11 Airstrike on the Pentagon to the Military Video/Movie Page.  Some may find this a little on the left, but I think it contains some very GOOD Factual information.   

11 Oct, fixed a handful of bad links.  Apologize for any inconveniences it may have caused...  Plus,  corrected the add bookmark java problem.  I am also in the process of removing Leadership Docs and Acronyms from the Menu Bar.  The first because Military Writing and Docs better represent the information.  The latter because its only important in this context to Military Writing

7 Oct, added AF Enlisted Clothing Allowances for FY 2005 to the Good to Know Page.   Also added FIT Score Reporting on AF EPR/OPR, to  Good to Know Page and Military Writing.  I added a Citation of Honor Example to the Military Writing Page.  Also, corrected and added addition AF Publications to Pubs and Forms Page, along with more Award information to the AF Award Timeline Page.

5 Oct, added AMS to the quick link box.  Plus, I added an Airforce Birthday Video to the Military Video/Movie Page.  It is pretty good, but LONG!!! (the file is over 150M)
1 Oct, added Senior Leo Marques Example in the Military Writing Page.  Finally added a Search Function to the site.  As of now, it can only be access from the Home page.  Once testing has finished, it will be added throughout the site.
30 Sept, added a couple more items to the site.  First Added a recent picture of an AF LT Col,  briefing about Hurricane Ivan on Fox News.  Tell me what is wrong with it?  Or go to the Humor page and look at Uniform Check.  I added a great film produced by the USMC.  Title:  Enduring Freedom "The Opening Chapter", to the Military Video/Movie Page.  Found a couple of useful PowerPoint training guides for NCOERs and Army Decoration Theory located in both Military Writing and Slide Shows pages.  Finally, I added information concerning the new Check 21 Law.  Basically it describes the new rules in how banks handle paper checks.  Very important if you have ever floated a check before payday.  You can find a quick link in the Financial Management above or in Good to Know page.

29 Sep, added Service members Civil Relief Act information to the Good To Know Page.  Working on a new 03 award package, along with a couple more Leo Marques packages.  Also added the Tongue and Quill and Airman's Manual to the Pubs and Forms Page.  I am actually hosting them on this site -vs- linking them from afpubs.

23 Sept, Added a couple of new AFI references.  I am looking for award examples.  If you have any please send them in.  There has already been a good response to the 4 already posted.  Well, I need to chalk one up to stupid human mistakes. I am in the process of fixing all of my email address.  Looks like Netscape thought it was a good idea to delete my account.  I have since fixed it.  In the mean time, I am fixing all of the email links to the domain.  Again, I apologize if this has caused any inconvenience.

22 Sept, Added a short video clip of an Ambush in Iraq (Baghdad).  You can find it in the Multi-Media section's Video Page.  Added the 2005 Military Pay Chart.  Plus, added Technician-Supervisor Lt. Gen Leo Marques 01-02 and Technician-Supervisor Lt. Gen Leo Marques 02-03 examples to the Military Writing page.  I have also updated the CSAF Reading List with the three new books for '04.  (Yes a little late)  They have also been added to the Military Book Store located in "Store Front"

21 Sept, Added Communications and Information Award for 3C Amn example to the Military Writing page.  Plus, I have added a couple of addition publications to the Forms and Pubs Page, along with the AFI regarding the Lt Gen Leo Marques Award.

20 Sept, Added the first Award Example.  It is Communications and Information Award for 3C NCO.  I have also added  Merriam-Webster Online dictionary and thesaurus to the Military Writing page, and to the example pages as well.  I am cleaning up the adds on the site.  Basically removing anything but Amazon.com.  I have recently been excepted in to Tiger Direct, so there may be a couple of new adds popping up on this page.  Overall, I am trying to clean it up.  I have added a couple of new books to the Book Store.

17 Sept, Trying to catch up on some older submissions.  I have added another 9-11 Remembrance message entitled Sleep Tonight.  It was taken off a Chain mail, but it is a nice look at what we need to deal with down range.  I have also added an official message from the Secretary of Defense Message to Troops on Why We Fight In Iraq.  You can find both of these on the Inspiration page.

16 Sept, The site has finally made it to Google.com.  I think I might have to invest into it.  Any ways, it has been a long time (2 months) since any significant information has been added.  I have been working on the rewrite, but it is taking a lot longer than I planned.  I have also started the Award examples. I have found this to be a lot more labors than I initially planned.  Hopefully, you will find the information of use later.  Until then enjoy.

15 Jul, Added nice information page concerning the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, in the Good To Know section.  Also, i have removed the Newspaper links above.  Instead I think it is more important to show selected Chief of Staff reading lists for each Branch.  Enjoy.  Also, I found and corrected the link to the Commandant of the Marine Corps Reading List.

29 Jun, Fixed the 2004 Pay chart link, and added a new movie of an Iraq with a RPG meeting some US Marines (Very Graphic) in the Multi-Media Video page.

16 May,  It has been a while, Leave and TDYs have finally caught up with me.  I am in the process of catching up postings that have been sent into me.  I have fixed the formatting on the Good To Know Page.  Added 7 movies to the Multi-Media Video page.  Enjoy.

18 Apr, Added Statistically Speaking to Perceptions, good short article drawing statistical life expectancies in Iraq.  Add a humorous article about what you need to be thinking to vote republican, in Humor Page..  Finally, I am working on another complete rewrite of the website.  Looking at trying to get it more organized still.  Right now, I believe everything is still a little hairy.  

31 Mar, Fixed the security table in Good To Know.  I have also added a Search function to the main page.

28 Mar, Corrected some of the misfiled articles in Perceptions and Think About it.  To clear any confusion, Perceptions is how the media looks at the military and Think About it is how either we think about us, or how we think about civilians.  Added a great article comparing Military Spouses to Civilian Spouses in Think About It, called Military Spouses.  Finally, I added a good article I put together concerning Game Addictions, in Good to Know.   I will most likely added another subnet of the website if i come along more informational topics like this.  

26 Mar, Sorry for the long delay in updating the site.  Have had leaves, TDYs, and Testing to contend with.  Keep an eye out.  I will be going through and updating as much as possible in the next week.  Enjoy.  Added new Security Section to Good To Know.  Within it added a couple of articles concerning Personal (Info concerning hotel key cards) and Financial Security.

10 Feb, added video of the September 03 Thunderbird Crash to the Multi-Media Video Page.  Also added nifty mind numbing Power Point presentation to Humor Page.

4 Feb. added AFI 36-2110, Assignment to the Forms and Pubs page. Added Tower Chatter Stories about SR-71 to Humor page.   Added AH-64D Apache engaging Iraqis (Incredible movie!!! ) to the Multi-Media Video Page along with 10 other videos.  Finally, added VFW "Budget Proposal to Good to Know Page!

16 Jan, added the current AF Fitness AFI.

14 Jan, added Air Force Fitness Calculator to Supervisors Tool Box and Leadership Docs.

12 Jan, Added MGIB Information and Tuition Assistance Overview (All Services) to the Education Page!  Added new Joke, 19 Things that Took me 50 years to Learn.  Added DD 1351-2, Travel Voucher to Forms and Pubs Page.

1 Jan, fixed Table of Contents for the site.  I added the GI Bill DoD Form to both the Supervisors Tool Box, Education, and Forms and Pubs.  Removed old discounts from Military Bonus Page.

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