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A Guide for the Air Force Officer and DoD Civilian


Source: The Enlisted Professional Development Committee 21st Space Wing

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Table of Contents

Writing Effective EPRs and AwardsPerformance Feedback Enlisted Promotion GuideEnlisted TrainingUnprofessional Relationships & Fraternization Enlisted Professional Military Education  (PME)

Developed By Developed By:
The Enlisted Professional Development Committee
21st Space Wing
Peterson AFB Colorado
Edited by:, AFMentor & 

Yes sir/ma’am! From the first day of commissioned service, you outrank every enlisted person in the Air Force and we look to you for leadership. And with leadership comes responsibility. A big part of your responsibility involves understanding how you impact enlisted professional growth and development.

But you're busy ensuring the mission gets accomplished and your time is a precious resource. How can you quickly learn what you need to know to care for your enlisted force? The 21st Space Wing Enlisted Professional Development Committee (EPDC) wants to help! The EPDC created this guide to ensure your success. They purposely kept it succinct, informative, and focused on the basics. It’s a quick read and superb reference. After reviewing it, you’ll better understand enlisted promotions, performance reports, educational opportunities, and training requirements. You’ll also know where to turn for more specific information and guidance. We appreciate the vital role you play in our Air Force as a whole and in our lives in particular. Thanks for making time to read this guide! 

Very Respectfully
21st Space Wing Command Chief Master Sergeant

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