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26 Dec, added information about 2006 W2s for Civilian Employees and Military Members in Financial Information.

17 Dec, added a chain mail I received "Friends and Military Friends" to Information - Something to Think About.  Also added USAA.COM Interest Rebate page to both Financial Information and Good to Know.  Check it out, if you are deployed to the sand box and have a loan with USAA, they will rebate the interest charged on your account...  Staying on the Financial Track, added Insurance Companies to Pay Back GIs for Deception to both places as well.  Added Lexicon Genetics Inc. as a new investment idea to Stocks to Watch thanks to the news article, Military Objective: Less Sleep, More Fight". Finally added another article from Linda B titled The Hornets to Information - Inspirational.

16 Dec, Yeah, the newsletter has finally been sent out.  I am working on the February Newsletter to focus specifically on Army Writing.

8 Dec, after almost a week of troubleshooting the email system has been fixed.  The funny thing about SP and Firewalls.  anyways, all of the Oakley is queued and awaiting transmission later today.

3 Dec, Added three new additions to Finance Information - Retirement; 2006 Retirement Choice Calculator, The Retirement Choice, and Thrift Savings Plan Talk. Also added a Case Study on Yahoo to Personal Finance - Stocks To Watch. Finally, the December Newsletter is posted and ought to be in your inbox tomorrow morning.

1 Dec, Added a new Resort to the Military Resort Page, Rocky Mountain Blue (RMB). RMB is located in the Colorado Rockies.  Next, added another "A Different Christmas Poem".  This one was submitted by Leslie from a chain mail.  The important fact is that it copies Michael Marks's "A Different Christmas Poem".  Find them both in Information - Something to Think About.  Then added AFAS General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program to Military Education.  This grant provides Air Force Dependents with a $2K grant.  If you know of other services doing similar things, please let submit it.  Finally, added information regarding the popular candy containing traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), "Chronic Candy" in Good To Know.

29 Nov, I pulled the Chief of Staff Reading list recommendations from above and replaced it with personal recommendations.  I did this for two reasons; first, the Chief of Staff reading lists became to difficult to maintain; second, I tend to only recommend items I have read and it takes too much time trying to read all of the various branches recommendations.  So for now on, you will see books that I really think are worth the time and effort to read.

25 Nov, there will be a lot of new posting coming out by the end of the month.  Whether good or bad, but I am on a small vacation, so the site has not been getting as many updates as usual.  Finally, the beginning of month newsletter will contain some good information regarding award packages although more of an Air Force flavor, it still covers the basics.

08 Nov, added four new videos; Czech Recruitment Video, MiG 29 (??) Crash, MIRV Re-Entry 1 and MIRV Re-Entry 2, to both Multi-Media Raw Videos and Multi-Media Professional Videos.

07 Nov, working on some background maintenance and corrected the spelling issues from the last submission.  Recently added the ability for users to Submit a Link and instructions to Add A Fromtheinside.us Link.

03 Nov, added "Real Stars" a tribute song written and produced by Steve Bickham.  Find it it Multi-Media Tributes or Music Videos.  Also, Fromtheinside.us is partnering with ArmyNCO.comArmyNCO.com has become the authoritative Army writing source for fromtheinside.us.

30 Oct, added an article "Military Takes Aim At Payday Loans" to Financial Info.  Good article highlighting the problems predatory lenders cause.

24 Oct, added an article Criticizing Defense Travel System (DTS). For anyone who has had to use this system, the article explains A LOT!  Find it in Information, Something to Think About.

23 Oct, I have finished my capstone for college. (yea, I'm done!) Anyways,, keep an eye on the site as I start to catch up on the backlog. First off is World of PowerPoint. A humorous look at PowerPoint with "A Few Good Men" flavor. Find in the Humor Page.

18 Oct, I have been finishing my capstone for my degree, so the site has been on the back burner.  I found a good article in the newspaper today and wanted to share it.  The World Reserve (Commercial Company) is giving away real money.  The link Free Money!!! - From World Reserve gives more information regarding it.  Hurry, it is good until 20 Oct.

09 Oct, the October newsletter has been completed and mailed.  If you didn't receive it, please let me know.  If you would like to be added to the mailing list, Click Here.

03 Oct, added Rifleman vs. Tank in Multi-Media - Raw Videos.  The clip shows the importance of camouflage.

29 Sep, the site was down yesterday for a couple of hours.  The hosting site had some technical problems.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

28 Sep, added Ammo Dump Explodes to Multi-Media - Raw Videos and a F-16C Air Force Aerospace Power video to Multi-Media Videos - Professional.  Also added America's Youth Must Serve Their Country, One Way Or Another to Information - Perceptions.

26 Sep, been TDY for a little bit so I have not been able to add any content for the last couple of weeks...  there is more coming in the next couple of days. 

13 Sep, added AC-130s and the Jets to Multi-Media Video.  It is a video compilation put the sounds of AC/DC, I believe you will enjoy it.

12 Sep, added Civilian vs. Military Friends to Something to Think About.  although it came from a chain mail, I think it is pretty on target.  I hope you do too.  Also, it looks like I completely forgot to update the Award Timelines.  Sorry about that.

06 Sep, added some new financial information to the Finance Page - Its Your Money.  Congress passed the new HERO Act, it expands IRA options for Military members.  Read more about it here.

05 Sep, added Successful Homecoming Tips to Good To Know. I should have added this earlier, it contains some good tips to help both the spouse and member transition back to life after a deployment.  Additionally, added Dumbing Down G.I. Joe to Information - Perceptions.  It is an interesting OP-ED about tomorrows military.

03 Sep, two humorous files, Lurnin Englesh bi Fonx (wrote by Linda) and Veteran's Parade, were sent in by Linda B.  Lurnin Englesh bi Fonx and it can be found on the Humor Page and Veteran's Parade can be found under Multi-Media Humor.

29 Aug, received Open Invitation from Linda B.  Find it in Multi-Media - Music Videos.

28 Aug, I was notified there were some problems with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi ReMix.  It looks like I had it pointed to the wrong server.  It has been remedied now.

25 Aug, added International Calling Codes to Links - General Information.  Figured it is nice to know how to call out to distant lands...  Finally, received a request to add a link to Operation HomeFront, find it in both Inspiration and Links - General Military Information (thanks CHC).

21 Aug, added AFMAN 33-326, Preparing Official Communications, to  AF Forms and Pubs.

6 Aug, I have been on a role adding videos to the site.  There have been two Tomahawk videos; Tomahawk Launch and Tomahawk Launch; Closeup, added to Multi-Media - Raw Videos.  Also added two Air Force Aerospace Power video clips, the B-52 Stratofortress and C-130 Hercules to Multi-Media Videos.

15 Aug, added These Boots Are Made For Walking All Over Saddam to Multi-Media - Music Videos.  Additionally added a Air Force Inn Search to the Links Page.

2 Aug, added Frequent Traveler Sites to Good To Know. The page contains most of the airline and automobile rental agencies the US Military uses.  Also added information about a Barnes & Noble.com and Greyhound military discounts to Military Bonus, check it out to learn more.

1 Aug, added IED Attack on Humvee to Multi-Media - Raw Videos.  If you found Abu Musab al-Zarqawi ReMix upsetting, watch this one and then watch it again.  You will feel better. Finally, added an excellent Japanese Military Video to Multi-Media - Professional Videos.  Enjoy.

30 Jul, added Abu Musab al-Zarqawi ReMix to Multi-Media - Raw Videos.  Additionally updated the DoD Dictionary of Military & Associated Terms (2M PDF) in AF Writing - Acronyms, it is the 2005 edition.  Next added a past PowerPoint Presentation about Progressive Discipline, Bullet Writing, and Completing an AF Form 1206, Nomination for Award to Supervisor Tools - Training Slides.  In addition, the Bullet Writing and Completing an AF Form 1206, Nomination for Award can be found in Air Writing Guides.

26 Jul, updated the Military Cell Phone Discounts page in Military Bonus.  I have found the updated Verizon 800 number along with the fax-in agreement.  If you are a Verizon customer it could be worth a 23% discount.  Additionally, added Allah Caused It to Multi-Media - Raw Videos.

20 Jul, I have caught up on all of the Oakley request.  Sorry for the delay.

11 Jul, received a couple of articles in the recent couple of days,  Does America respects religious freedom? and Drinking Lattes.  Find the first in Information - Something to Think About and the other in Perceptions. Additionally, added two new videos, C-17 Globemaster III and F-117A Nighthawk to Multi-Media Videos.

9 Jul, it has been a very busy month at work, school and home (or some combination and priority there after).  Let me apologize for the delay in getting some multi-media files uploaded, a long with adding additional pages.  Soon, the work load may slow down.  The newsletter will be sent first thing in the morning.

26 Jun, added On The 6th Day The Military Wife to Informational Page - Inspiration.

21 Jun, added trend analysis for Yahoo from 2002 until present in the Finance Page - Its Your Money - Stocks to Watch.

20 Jun, talk about news worthy events.  if you haven't seen this article yet, U.S. weighs responses to N. Korea missile test, check it out.  Talk about the US flexing its muscles...  Additionally, due to the new virii issues looks like xls files will be blocked on .mil addresses.  If you request Oakley info, please make sure you also provide a commercial email address.  I was also notified yesterday that The Army Writing Style looked absolutely AWFUL!  It has been fixed, thank you for bringing it to my attention.  Finally, updated Air Force Benefit Fact Sheet in both Good to Know - Air Force and

13 Jun, updated the line numbers for July. Additionally I am late in getting the E6/E7 results out.  For those of you who read the AF Inquirer, they did a good job forecasting the decrease in promotion for TSgts and MSgts.

Dropped by 4.25%

The average selectee score for the 06E6 technical sergeant test cycle was 314.01 points, based on the following:

-- 133.24 Enlisted Performance Reports
-- 67.73 Promotion Fitness Exam
-- 53.37 Specialty Knowledge Test
-- 35.66 Time in Grade
-- 23.94 Time in Service
-- 5.43 Decorations

The average technical sergeant selectee has 4.87 years time in grade and 10.84 years in service. Those selected will be promoted to technical sergeant from August to July 2007.

Dropped by 6.19%

The average master sergeant selectee score for the 06E7 master sergeant test cycle was 343.02 points, based on the following:

-- 134.38 Enlisted Performance Reports
-- 73.65 Promotion Fitness Exam
-- 63.39 Specialty Knowledge Test
-- 30.22 Time in Grade
-- 35.42 Time in Service
-- 12.11 Decorations

The average master sergeant selectee has 3.96 years time in grade and 16.95 years in service. Those selected will be promoted to master sergeant from August to July 2007.

"There are approximately 5,200 non-commissioned officers who haven't tested yet because they are currently deployed or have just returned from a deployment," said Chief Master Sgt. Rusty Nicholson, Air Force Personnel Center's enlisted promotions branch chief. "They will be allowed to test once they return, and will automatically be considered for promotion. Supplemental promotions are announced on a monthly basis until everyone has been considered."

12 Jun, Oakley order requests are back logged again. TDYs are coming faster and faster.  I intend to get to them by Saturday.  Additionally, I noticed I did not add Aerospace E-3 link to the Multi-Media Videos page.  It since has been corrected.

27 May, added a new Letter of Appreciation for Outstanding Support to the Letter Factory.  This brings the number of letter examples to 290.  Hopefully you find them useful.  Finally, the Airman and NCO charge has been added to AF Ceremonies along with the Non-Commissioned Officer's (NCO), Senior Non-Commissioned Officer's (SNCO) and Chief's Creed.

23 May, added Air Force Aerospace Power video clips of the B-1B Lancer and RQ-1a Predator in Multi-Media Videos.

22 May, I will not be posting CLEP study guides for all user.  All that I have access to are commercial or military use only.  Therefore, I will add direct links to CLEP guides through the AF Site.  If there are links from the Navy and/or Army knowledge site please send them to me so i can update the page.  sorry about that.

15 May, I will be out of pocket for about a week.  I will attempt to answer comments but I am not making any promises.

13 May, added Active Duty Tuition Assistance information for all branches of the military.  Find it in the Good To Know - Education Page.

10 May, added another Air Force Aerospace Power video clip of the Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) (E-3) and a Titan Cassini (Rocket) Launch to Multi-Media Videos.

9 May, added Air Force Aerospace Power video clip on the AC-130 Spectre and MC-130 Combat Talon II to Multi-Media Videos.

29 Apr, looks like I forgot to address this a couple of days ago.  I wrote an article, REDUX - How to lose $500K . If you are close to retirement and are looking at REDUX, please check out in the Financial Page.

28 Apr, received an email from the Original Author of The Evolution of an Airman located in Military Humor.  The article has been updated to reflect the original.

27 Apr, AFMentor is sponsoring the Military News Section (yes a day late).  You will find Air Force News, American Forces Information Services, Army Top Stories, General Military News, Joint Forces News, Military HomeFront, and News Releases From Department of Defense

25 Apr, all of the backed up Oakley messages have been sent.  thank you all for being patient.  Tomorrow, a new News Section will be added to the site.  AFMentor is sponsoring it and I expect you to enjoy it.

17 Apr, I still do not have access to a mail server.  Both the news letter and Oakley information will be delayed.  The news letter will skip this month and the Oakley information will be sent out by 25 April. 

03 Apr, I have received an email from the author of "Don't Close Your Blinds" and apparently it has been circulating the web for a couple of years.  The rest of the story is with in the page now with its original title "A Lesson to My Son".
Finally corrected Task Force Geronimo Tribute and added Memorial Video from the 10th Mountain Division to Multi-Media Tribute Videos.

29 Mar, In addition to the Oakley information being delayed so will the Newsletter.  If you are an Air Force member, check out AFMentor if you get a chance, there is a lot of good information there too.

28 Mar, just wanted to let those who have requested Oakley information know that the information will be delayed due to my TDY.  I will get them sent out as soon as I have the ability.

24 Mar, notified Jeff's Video Tribute video's download it 'here' was not working.  It has been remedied.  thanks DCJ.

23 Mar, notified by a user that Until Then was not working.  I it has been fixed.  Thanks for letting me know.

20 Mar, added four videos from the Aerospace Power series, A-10 Thunderbolt, E-8C JSTARS, HH-60 Pave Hawk, and KC-135 Stratotanker to Multi-Media Professional Videos.  Finally I received Task Force Geronimo Tribute from an individual who served with the 1/156 AR, 256 BCT, 1st Cavalry Div in Baghdad Iraq from Sep 2005 to Jul 2006.  The tribute is to the 1/156 Task Force Geronimo and the 16 brave heroes that died defending our freedom.

16 Mar, just received 4 new Aerospace power videos.  They will be posted this weekend.  Also, added Example Letters for Guard and Reserve in Letter Factory, there are 31 different examples separated into 5 categories.  Enjoy.

11 Mar, added TSP Share Prices to Finance Page.  Also added Air Force Rank System to Military Humor.  Finally, added a Military News Page to the Main menu.  Check it out and keep up to date.

3 Mar, added Why Not Minot? to Military Humor.  I found this very funny especially if you have been to the Northern tier.

28 Feb, added Joint Travel Regulation to Good to Know.  This is the guidance outlawing the use of cell phones while driving.  Received a couple of hilarious graphics, New AF Ribbon - DAOY, New Medal - Pain in the Ass and New Awards/Ribbons, find them in Military Humor.

24 Feb, added an the second Operation IRAQI Freedom Tribute slideshow to Multi-Media Slideshow Tributes.  It ranks up there with the first Operation IRAQI Freedom Tribute by the same author.  The author and submitter is a retired Army Officer and has his own website, www.patriothearts.com.

20 Feb, added 111 Letter of Reprimand Examples to Letter Factory on AFMentor.  The Letter Factory has blown past the century mark and close to 200 now.  Keep an eye out for the Letter of Counseling Page.

13 Feb, added 50 More Questions Every Airman Can Answer and The Executive Officer Guide to Supervisor Tools.  Finally, added the 24 Star Letter (includes cartoon) to Information - Something to Think About.  It is the one letter all of the JC signed blasting the Washington Post for the tasteless Cartoon.

12 Feb, added an Incredibly GOOD Operation IRAQI Freedom Tribute slideshow to Multi-Media Slideshow Tributes.  It isn't flashy or loud, but honest, insightful and honoring.  Probably the best tribute compilation I have ever seen.  The author and submitter is a retired Army Officer and has his own website, www.patriothearts.com

7 Feb, added a AFSA release concerning your Retirement Benefits, actually how the government is trying to finagle a way to triple the cost of Tricare to Good to Know.  In addition added SGLI Election & Certificate (SGLV 8286) in both PDF and Doc to Pubs and Docs.

5 Feb, separated Stocks to Watch from the Finance page.  There have been a couple of additions to the page. 

31 Jan, added a RQ-1B Predator video to the collection.  Its not bad, but I question the authenticity of it.  Also received Jeff's Video Tribute.  Interesting collection to the sounds of AC/DC.

30 Jan, received feedback that the video entitled, Little Bird (AH-6J) is not the AH-6J.  So, if anyone can "name that helicopter", it would be most appreciated.  Three new videos ought to be updated today, or tomorrow at the latest.  Added When I am Gone - Tribute video to Multi-Media - Video Tribute.  (user submitted) Finally, added 37 DSST Study Guides to Good to Know - Education.

18 Jan, the 3C0X1 Practice Tests have all been added to AFMentor, along with 5 more award examples.

16 Jan, received a FY 2004 Leo Marquez technician winning package and added it to AF Writing Award Examples.  (Thank you GV)  I also forgot to thank GH for the earlier C&I packages.  We have also added 10 Airman's Manual Knowledge Tests, along with Volume 2 of 3C0X1 Practice Tests to the Practice Exam Section on AFMentor

13 Jan, AFMentor has been moving with the additional web person.  Added 15 more awards and finally went over the century mark!  There is an assortment of awards from multiple 2005 NCO C&I Packages, a 4th Quarter 2005 C&I package, Leo Marquez Package for '05, AFR SNCO 4th quarter '05, AFR NCO 4th quarter '05 to AF Writing Award Examples. Plus there are more examples about C&I Unit, CGO, and AFRC Annuals for all categories!

12 Jan, added a new book to the book store, Inside the ResistanceVery good book if you are going to the sandbox!  In addition added Iraqi Propaganda Video - Message From Resistance to Multi-Media Video.

11 Jan, Updated AFMentor and added a 2005 Airman C&I Package and 2005 NCO C&I Package to AF Writing Award Examples.

1 Jan, added Military Wisdom to Military Humor.

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