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Nightly Business Report One of the best financial programs in the country.  Courtesy of PBS


By no means am I a financial expert, but the following stocks/funds are for the few people I converse with on a normal basis.  Again, these are just my opinions from my knowledge level.  If the name is highlighted there is a financial interest in it.  This information is below...


Do you Yahoo?  OK, after it missed earning yesterday (1/17/06) it is starting to look pretty good.  I am working on a research paper concerning Yahoo and its advertising practices.  It looks attractive at $30-$33.  Here is my thesis proposal for Yahoo.

3/20/06 - Price is good and have doubled position in the company.  It continues to lead the market in innovation and content.

6/21/06 - Here is a trend analysis for Yahoo from 2002 until present.  It shows some very good information.  Check it out.

7/24/06 - The market was spooked by a 26% growth and a 90 day delay in a new advertising model.  Is it very cheap, and worth the purchase?  you decide.

11/29/06 - Finished a Case Study on Yahoo! in the end of Oct. It is pretty much unbiased (in terms of Internet Service Providers) and if you are interested in the company it might be worth a look especially at its current price. 

2/21/07 - $31.59 - Missed some updates on YHOO.  A couple of the items pointed out in the Case Study on Yahoo! have appeared.  Other than that, the stock is holding.

AMZNTrend setter in On-Line marketing.  Having survived the Dot Com bubble, it is still a player.
C(3/20/06)  started to watch Citibank.  It looks undervalued compared to its peers, but it has been growing.  With the new bankruptcy laws, it looks like it may cash in. 
CLIf you live overseas then you have seen this brand all over the place.  I believe about 60% of its revenue comes from the overseas market.  With the strong Euro and yen, it is a good hold. 
EBAYCan you say natural Monopoly?

(8/04/05) hmmm..  can you say Google..  :(  I think it is a good time to accumulate.  ebay is moving into the overseas market, and it should benefit in the coming quarters.

(5/31/06) The recent news about Skpe providing free internet phone calls has changed the VOIP front.  EBAY is deversifing interestingl, but has enlisted Yahoo to provide ads and search. 


I am both interested and frightened of Google.  The founders promised stock holders don't run the company and earning will not drive it.  I am waiting to see it.  Next week (4/11) Google releases earning for the first time.  The price is steep; ($193 - 4/8 Close) but if it follows the likes of Amazon, Yahoo, or Ebay, it is in for a grand run!

4/29 - Google beat earning forecast and the it shot up.  Oh Boy.

5/17/05 - Up, Google is moving.  since the first post it is up about $50, 25%.  How long will it run?

7/4/05 - Ok, it hit the $300 barrier and bounced.  Hmmm..  Natural or a bump.  Once the pay system rolls out, it might increase another $15.  Need to remember the BoD do not want the stock to split.

11/08/05 - Who would of thought...  $400 a share and I thought $193 was steep.

GM and DPH


Interesting plays.  GM stated it didn't plan on touching the dividend, making it a dividend cash cow.  Plus, in 06 it can start conversations with the UAW to change the medical coverage it pays.  Right now, they (GM) pays more to Blue Cross and Blue Shields of MI then they make.  (7/4/05) I am thinking....  $20 maybe.  Otherwise consider it a health stock. (1/18/06) Run and hide.

11/08/05 -Good Bye Delphi.  I don't think it will recover to any greatness of yesteryear .


Lexicon Genetics Inc.

(12/17/06) Tripped over a good article about Military Sleep studies, "Military Objective: Less Sleep, More Fight".  Right now it appears Lexicon genetics is in the fast track.  The stock price is sitting at $3.46.  Might be a worthy investment. 
MSFT(4/9/05) - With price below $25 it is worth accumulating.  Right now the OS market has moved but there is still movement in the price after sitting idle for 2 years. 

(8/04/04) - New version of Windows being released later in the year, plus buy backs from last year are starting a small bump in the price.  I would think it will be in the 30s by the end of the year do to the new version...

(3/20/06) Had a chance to work with the beta version of vista (windows 07) and Office 12 (Office 2007).  Both products remind me of Win95 in the idea that it is a complete rewrite and will change the way the consumer uses the product.  MSFT is working more toward Knowledge Management and will be successful at it since it is the dominate force in the PC market.  It also looks like it will start to compete with Autonomy, LLC.  Good buying opportunity at $27 with definite profit increase this year with 2 large product offerings.

OLN11/08/05 - Olin Corp. $18.71 with 4.2% yield... Why you ask?  because they are the only producer for 50 Cal rounds.  The military are burned through 40M rounds in a year and a half.  that equates to the left over rounds from Vietnam.   Check out this article- 'Fiddy-Cal' Becomes Weapon Of Choice In Iraq

2/21/07 - $16.94 - Lots of items have happened to the financials causing the price to drop to '05 prices.  The reasoning for the buy is still solid.



(5/17/05) Taser International - Might be worth looking at.  It is hugely popular with police forces and the military.  Despite a lawsuit filed against them due the possibility that getting stunned might be bad for the heart (i think getting shot would do more damage) the stock it depressed.  Under $11 makes it worth looking at.

(8/04/05) hmmm...  Financials are looking weak.  Pay attention to stock on hand and current orders...  It maybe falling again.

TWX(2/5/06) Good company, I especially like the $1 billion Google dropped for a share of AOL.  Depending on how this works, AOL maybe spun off in '08.  Due to this investment, AOL was valued at $8 a share, which makes the stock price very attractive at its current level ($18.40).  I am waiting for a $17 share level, although I have been waiting for a $15 level for 2 years now.  Final note, Potter 5 has started filming and ought to be released in 07.
VIA.A and CBS(8/04/05)  I like the stock if for no better reason than Nickelodeon, it works for me.  The following of Nick Jr by children is worth paying attention to, Sponge Bob, DORA, Noggin, etc.  (it has been determined that 3-8 year olds control the pocket books of parents to the sum of close to 1.5 billion dollars...)  Do the math... (i like the A class because it has voting rights, but isn't as liquid)

(1/18/06) In case you missed it, Viacom spun off CBS.  For each share of VIA you owned you received a share of CBS.  Not to bad since it started in the mid 20s and VIA climbed $8 dollars.

(2/21/07) $28.15 - Ran across an interesting article in Forbes (12 Feb 07) that discussed Net 1  (UEPS), a financial company operates banking services in the third world (Africa).  Net 1 has built an interesting model of operations.  It gives "smart cards to indigent poor people who have no bank accounts or credit cards" (Forbes, 2007, p 56). Its numbers are impressive, a customer base of 3.6M and 2006 revenue of $196M.  It makes money by taking a small percentage of money loaded on to the card from employers and/or government (welfare payments), additionally it collects factions of a percent from merchants. 

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