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The close of 2007 brought a lot of changes to the sites.  Most notably was the success of from the previous years release and the new release of

The site traffic has more than doubled again from last year.  Last year we seen well over 20M hits, 148% increase from 2006.  Where as 2006 seen a 200% increase from 2005.  We expect 2008 to be another great year of growth.  Along the same lines of continue growth, we are continually receiving praise, recommendation and critiques' from throughout the Air Force.  From Airmen to Chief and even a couple of group commanders, the focus on our Corps is paramount.

With the close of the year there are a couple of awards to be announced.  First, the award drive that ended 31 Dec 07 was won by BED with 7 submissions in doing so,  BED won a $15 Amazon Gift Certificate.  Next, CAD submitted the most items for 2007 with 16 and won a $30 Amazon Gift Certificate, a 1 yr AFSA membership, and The Three Meter Zone: Common Sense Leadership for NCOs.  COOP1167 contributed the most bullets ending December 31, 2007 with 105; a $30 Amazon Gift Certificate will be sent this month. "crow" placed second with 67 bullets and will receive a $15 Amazon Gift Certificate this month.  Finally, acnwgirl placed third with 60 bullets and will receive $10 Amazon Gift Certificate.

For those of you that regularly monitor the site you may have noticed the lack of continual updates like previously.  I have recently changed jobs and do not have the same amount of time I used to have that I would dedicate to the website.  I and the team of reviewers still focus constantly on any award or epr/opr packages we get for review, but the shear number of updates cannot be kept up.  This also reflects on the newsletter.  Prior, it was being accomplished monthly, but that too has been impossible to keep up.  We are scaling it back to a quarterly newsletter (more often as time permits)

Just a reminder, the team here is available to review your award/EPR/package and provide honest feedback in the last month we have reviewed 13 award packages. Feel free to send them to due to upcoming annual award reviews, it might take a day or so to get them back to you.  Please plan accordingly. (We don't post anything without the submitters' approval). Looking around the web, there isn't another site offering as many writing examples for military members to examine and draw from nor offering them free of charge. Our goal is to provide modern examples, and to help as many people as possible to become better writers. The only way to do this is with help from you. Please submit your examples: Old, New, Good, and/or Bad it does not matter, the service provided to your peers is priceless.

As a reminder, the image database at (Username: newsletter & Password: afmentor) has seen additional images posted on it.  The intent of this image database is for Air Force members to quickly locate some of the more common images, AF Symbol, Wing Shields, Rank graphics, etc. If you have anything you would like to submit, upload yourself or send them to through the submission link and we will post them for you. finally, if you would like your own account please let me know and I will create it for you.

Finally, you will find a informative mentoring moment at the end of this newsletter...  This one too is out side of the box from normal mentoring moments, but in the recent months and the upcoming recognition months I felt compelled towrite it.  You will find it in at the bottom of this newsletter.

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21 EMTF Recognition 4th QuarterAFI EMTF 36-280206 Jan 0?
CMSAF Thomas N. CMSgt Barnes Crew Chief of the YearAFI 36-2818, para 5.4.207 Jan 0?
AETC Readiness AwardsAETCI 36-280310 Jan 0?
21 EMTF Yearly Recognition AFI EMTF 36-280213 Jan 0?
Gen Edwin W. Rawlings Awards for Environmental ExcellenceAFI 36-2817, para 10.2. & attachment 214 Jan 0?
AFSA PitsenbargerAFI 36-2805, para 4.616 Jan 0?
Chief Shield Outstanding Life Support & Pgm of the Year AwardAFI 36-2807 & Message 17 Jan 0?
Field of Aeronautics and Astronautics AwardAFI 36-2807 & Message21 Jan 0?
Daedalian Exceptional Pilot AwardAFI 36-2807 & Message21 Jan 0?
Gen O'Malley AwardAFI 36-2805 & Message23 Jan 0?
Ten Outstanding Young Americans AwardAFI 36-2805 chapter 4 paragraph 4.225 Jan 0?
21 EMTF Support Sys AwardsAFI EMTF 36-280227 Jan 0?
Outstanding Supply and Fuels Personnel AwardsAFI 36-2818, Table 6.2Feb 0?
ACC Flight CC of the YearACC Message06 Feb 0?
ACC Instructor of the YearACC Message06 Feb 0?
USAF First Sergeant of the YearAFI 36-2805, para 3.308 Feb 0?
Antiterrorism/Force Protection AwardACC Message09 Feb 0?
Office of Pers Mgmt Director's AwardAF Message11 Feb 0?
Katharine Wright AFI 36-2805 & Message13 Feb 0?
Fisher Dist Civ Humanitarian AwardAF Message15 Feb 0?
General Thomas P. Gerrity Logistics Award (Unit)

General Thomas P. Gerrity Award (Individual)

AFI 36-282215 Feb 0?
Honorable Dudley C. SharpAFI 36-282215 Feb 0?
Ronald L. OrrAFI 36-282215 Feb 0?
12 Outstanding Airmen of the YearAFI 36-2805, para 3.421 Feb 0?
Chief of Staff Team Excel Award (CSTEA) AFI 36-2868 & Message27 Feb 0?
Maintenance Professional of Year (MPOY) AFI 36-2850 & Message01 Mar 0?
S.C. AFA Outstanding Person/Unit/Log AchACC Message01 Mar 0?
Fighter Ace Assoc Francis Gabreski AwardACC Message01 Mar 0?
Service to America MedalsACC Message01 Mar 0?
Roy WilkinsACC Message06 Mar 0?
Outstanding Employees w/DisabilitiesAF Message09 Mar 0?
GEICO Public Services AwardAFI 36-1001, table 6.209 Mar 0?
Moller Trophy - Best ACC Wing CC of the YrACC Message14 Mar 0?
American Legion Spirit of Service AwardMessage15 Mar 0?
National Image Inc. Meritorious Service Award ACC Message15 Mar 0?
CCF of the Year-Wing/AETF AFI 36-2805 & Message17 Mar 0?
12 OAY-Wing & AETF AFI 36-2805 & Message17 Mar 0?
12 OAY- Staff & DRUs AFI 36-2805 & Message17 Mar 0?
CCF of the Year-Staff &DRUs AFI 36-2805 & Message17 Mar 0?
Airlift/Tanker Association AFI 36-2805 & Message17 Mar 0?
Lt Gen Channault award AFI 36-2807 & Message19 Mar 0?
Gen Thomas D. White USAF Space TrophyACC Message 22 Mar 0?
Jolly Green/Rescue Mission of the yearAFI 36-2803 & Message25 Mar 0?
William T. Pecora AwardAFI 36-1001, table 6.230 Mar 0?
Unit/Wing Quarterly Awards (1st)LOCAL OI30 Mar 0?

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This month's mentoring moment has been long in the making.  I tried to reference information as best as possible.  Although not all are "credible" sources, there is an attempt to keep the information factual and helpful.  As you begin to read this (it is a little lengthy), remember it was done to enlighten the readers with the hope that information starts to flow...  Again enjoy.. 

I was sitting in a briefing one day and started to wonder who really are “those” people?

Where every I go, I hear its those people. Its those people who are causing problems, winning awards, stretching the rules, being successful.

But who are they? Are they those who are different than the group, me, us? Are those people; in a better standing? Are those people a class onto themselves? And that class is only recognized by those people whom are not in it?

A lot of it depends on the connotation. Try to talk to some about a group of people different from you. Is the group those people? If so, would it make those people a minority or a majority? Is there prejudice or bias affecting these or those people?

Is it those people whom are different, or those people who there isn’t any want of ownership?

Maybe its just the definition of the words. I started looking at the definitions provided from Oxford Dictionaries, and I left with something to think about….

• pronoun & determiner (pl. these) 1 used to identify a specific person or thing close at hand or being indicated or experienced. 2 referring to the nearer of two things close to the speaker. 3 referring to a specific thing or situation just mentioned. 4 as determiner used with periods of time related to the present.

• pronoun & determiner (pl. those) 1 used to identify a specific person or thing observed or heard by the speaker. 2 referring to the more distant of two things near to the speaker. 3 referring to a specific thing previously mentioned or known. 4 used in singling out someone or something with a particular feature. 5 as pronoun (pl. that) used instead of which, who, when, etc. to introduce a defining clause.

What is the difference between these and those? The Oxford view of the "differences of these/those are the plural forms of this/that, and behave in the same way. As a determiner this is used to identify a specific person or thing close at hand or being experienced. As a determiner that refers to the more distant of two things near to the speaker, or to a specific thing previously mentioned. "

So in thinking about it, are those airmen different than you or me? Or are airmen, "Airmen"? Maybe I am splitting hairs, but in a number of educational environments and briefing, I remember talking a lot of those “Airmen”. When in the truth of it, we really ought to have been talking about our "Airmen", these "Airmen". These Airmen, all from different walks of life and experiences are still close to the very fundamentals of our service. Its funny, how one letter; an “o” or an “e” can keep people at arms length or invite them into a circle of acceptance.

Pay attention to those around you… What feeling do you get?  Feel free to comment back on this.  I am curious if it is only me.

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