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Military Cell Phone Discounts

Cellular phone companies are offering a 15-20% discount on your cell phone.  Current military discounts apply to most cellular phone carriers, including Sprint PCS, Cingular, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and more.  You may be able to leverage other cellular carriers to match these discounts.  You may need to provide proof of Federal employment - such as your supervisor's name, phone number and your unit's address.  The salesperson may try to make you sign on for additional contract years - But, you are NOT required to do so to receive these military discounts!  We have contacted these cell phone carriers and confirmed these discounts!

Sprint Business line direct number is 1-888-788-4727. Sprint’s discount is 15%.

Cingular offers a 19% discount from this point forward. It was simple, just call 1-800-319-6393.

T-Mobile customer service number is ( 866-646-4688). You may have to send an email requesting the migration form to T-Mobile discount is 22%.

Nextel offers an 18% discount on your Cell-phone bill.  The direct number for them is 1-800-639-6111.

Verizon customer service number is (800-865-1825) and the USAF discount is 23%. If you are with any sister service the discount is 17%. UPDATE: The new number is (800-922-0204) and you will also need to fill out and fax the agreement

Note: many emails with this information have circulated at many major military installations citing a "Federal Communications Act of 1996, Federal Employees Past and Present" -- this particular act does NOT provide for these cell phone discounts.  In other words, this Federal Act has absolutely nothing to do with the current cell phone discounts, the discounts are 100% voluntary on the part of the cell phone carrier. 

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Page last modified on: 29 January 2007