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Timeline 2007

24 Dec, sorry for the delay in getting the new EPR forms on line.  I thought I already had them up.  for all of you that left messages, you can now find AF Form 910, AF Form 911, AF Form 931 and AF Form 932 on the AF Forms and Pubs page.

13 Nov, the 2008 Military Pay Chart has been released.  Also, the AF Forms and Pubs links have been fixed.

3 Sep, added F-15 Eagle Mid-Air Collision to Multi-Media - Raw Videos and added Airman's Creed to Multi-Media - Professional Videos.  finally, added Casual Lieutenants and Who Do You Trust to Multi-Media - Humorous.

25 Aug, received a great Power Point Presentation titled "Expeditionary Battlefield Airman" from Leslie.  Thank.  For all of you Air Force people who haven't seen this yet, take a minute to review.  Find it Multi-Media - Slideshows.

20 Aug, it has been a while since a fast pace; action video has been added.  Enjoy High Altitude is Prohibited
located in Multi-Media - Music Videos.

07 Aug, added the following movie to the site; Navel Collision.

06 Aug, the newsletter has been posted.  Be on the look out for additional movies being added to the site in the coming days.  Finally, if you are looking for Air Force Information be sure to check out AFMentor.com.

04 Jun, the newsletter has been posted.

25 May, added Why I Will Wear Red on Friday to Perceptions.  Its a touching story circulating the Internet of a First Class Ticket to reality.  Also added a great link to Fighting for Iraq: A Regional Power Play brought to you by MSNBC.  Be come informed and take 10 minutes and get a lesson in reasoning...

21 May, added Bring It On, Coming Home and Little Girls Dreams (from BASEForce) to Professional Multi-Media Videos.  Added CNV-69 (USS Eisenhower) and In COMING!!! to Multi-Media - Raw Videos.

08 May, the newsletter has been posted.

12 Apr, added a new look of using the Air Force's new uniform in Urban Warfare to Military Humor.  While there also added Military Camel and Universal Lessons in Today's World.  Added Decoration Guidebook (USCENTAF Dec 04) to Army Writing Guides.  After a touch over a year, the entire Aerospace series is now online in Multi-Media - Professional Video Clips:
Aerospace B-2 SpritAerospace F-15C EagleAerospace F-15E Eagle
Aerospace F-22 RaptorAerospace KC-10 ExtenderAerospace MH-53 Pavelow

08 Apr, the newsletter has been posted.  Stay tuned to this site, there will be some substantial updates to it.  It has been sitting dormant for too long.

07 Apr, working on the Newsletter for this month.  I hope to have it out in the next couple of days.

29 Mar, added Islam Not For Me and God Bless America to Multi-Media - Audio. Also added Russian Nuclear Detonation to Multi-Media - Professional Video Clips and A-10 (ThunderBolt) Take-Off to Multi-Media - Raw Video Clips.  Finally, noticed the link to Aerospace B-1B was pointing to the wrong file.  It has been fixed now.

1 Mar, added Convoy Hit by IED to Multi-Media - Raw Video Clips and French Soldiers Practicing with Anti-Tank Weapon to Multi-Media - Comedy.

28 Feb, added Know Thy Enemy to Multi-Media - Raw Video Clips.

21 Feb, added the 2008 Proposed Military Pay Chart (based off of the president's budget recommendation).  Additionally added a new stock in the Stocks To Watch section.  Net1 (UEPS), has an interesting operations in which it provides Smart Cards to citizens of Third World Counties.

19 Feb, added some good information regarding free tuition Harvard University to the Education Page.  Additionally, POV Mileage Rates have been updated and Social Security Benefits For Military Personnel to Financial Information - Military Financial Information.  Finally, it looks the DoD will be dropping vehicle stickers read more about it in Good To Know.  Finally added a little more humor to the site. NPC submitted a humorous PPT SNCO to LT Mentoring.  Find this in Multi-Media - Slide Shows.

18 Feb, Returned from leave.  Expect to see some updates very soon.

31 Jan, Newsletter has been posted.  Feel free to sign up.

29 Jan, Newsletter has been sent early.  There will be no page updated until the middle of Feb.  If any writing items need review, please send them and they will be handled accordingly.

19 Jan, added some new videos.  Northrop B-2 "Sprit" Bomber Video to Multi-Media - Professional VideosFight for Freedom and Goofy in Iraq to Multi-Media - Music Videos.

17 Jan, added information regarding Massachusetts Residents Welcome Home Bonus to both Financial Information and Good to Know.  Also added “ASPEN 20” – SR-71 – Groundspeed Check to Information - Something to Think About.

11 Jan, added additional Space-A travel information (John D’s Military Space-A Travel Pages) to Good to Know and Links

10 Jan, Newsletter has been posted.  This month Mentoring Moment is a basic look at Army NCOERs.

6 Jan, added Saddam Execution to the Multi-Media - Raw Videos.  This isn't the normal type of video found here, but it does meet the needs of the audience.

5 Jan, updated the information for Some South Dakota veterans who might be eligible for bonuses.

4 Jan, added information for Some South Dakota veterans who might be eligible for bonuses to Good to Know.

1 Jan, added 2007 Enlisted W/ Dependants BAH and 2007 Enlisted W/O Dependants BAH to both Finance Info and Good To Know.

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