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Discontinuation of POV Registration


The information below is from an email circling the email systems.  I have to say I am impressed that the DoD figured this out.  Looks like March 15 might be the full implantation date.

1. ACC Installation Commanders will discontinue POV registration and issuance of the DD Fm 2220 (DoD Vehicle Registration Decal). The Air Force has been strictly adhering to 100% credential checks at  installation gates since 9/11, making the check of a vehicle decal unnecessary. Additionally, vehicle owners are more efficiently tracked through state license plates, not military decal numbers. Finally, with 1.66 million Air Force registered vehicles, each renewed every three years, the costs to administer this system are enormous. In FY 05 alone, the Air Force spent $727K simply to print decals.

2. We do expect some challenges for our people attempting to enter other service military installations. Without decals, they may be required to get a visitor pass; therefore, you will have to discuss options with other service installation commanders. We do know the other services are considering taking this action as well. However, there are concerns that are still being worked out at the HAF level, and the other services may wait until the Air Force stops registering vehicles first before they take action. Nevertheless, I see no reason why we can't move out on this now in ACC-once you've worked with Public Affairs to ensure the action is well advertised.

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Page added on: 19 February 2007

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