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Raw Video Clips

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words; how about a couple of million.... 

Raw Video Footage

2000lb Laser Guided Bomb Range video of a 2K pound laser guided bomb! One HUGE crater. (814K WMV)
9-11-01Videos of Jets Impacting Twin Towers
A-10 (ThunderBolt) Fires at Tanks Range Video (2.9M AVI)
A-10 (ThunderBolt) Dropping Gen Purpose BombsRange Video (535K MPEG)
A-10 (ThunderBolt) Take-OffAmateur Video of a Warthog taking off.  You can almost feel it.
AC-130 Gunship AC130 Gunship in Afghanistan OEF (5.6M WMV)
AGM-130 feed videoLive video feed of am AGM-130 striking a bridge in Kosovo. (2.2M Mpeg)
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi ReMixPretty good mix of Zarqawi's death to a Beastie Boys sound track.  The site advertised at the end of the video is not associated with
Air Drop MishapsSee footage of Murphy striking during multiple air drops. Talk about a huge ground safety report. (1.7M WMV)
Allah Caused ItQuick Clip that goes to show in a world of Christianity, Karma exists
Ammo Dump ExplodesNight video of an ammo dump exploding... You have to enjoy the commentary from the ground.
Hottest Deals of the Week
Angle of Death Video C-130 Hercules Dropping Flares (2.7M Mpeg)
Anti-Tank Rocket Fired Test firing of anti-tank rocket destroys its target! Big Boom!!  (458K WMV)
Anti-Tank Humvee Incredible accuracy of Humvee launched anti-tank missile!
Apache (AH-64D) engaging Iraqis   The movie you are about to see are rather graphic. It depicts an AH-64D Apache engaging Iraqis who are emplacing an IED (Improvised Explosive Device - i.e. a mine) on a road to support an ambush against what is assumed to be an American convoy.

Aircraft is hovering at about 900 meters, using 2nd Generation Forward Looking Infrared and 30 MM auto cannon. (4.71M Mpeg)

Atomic Explosion; HiroshimaFile Footage of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima
Atomic Explosion; UnderwaterTesting of nuclear weapons on water craft.
B-1 "Lancer" Bombing Short B-1 Range Video (2.4M AVI)
B-52 Stratofortress CrashFootage of B-52 Crashing at Airshow (1M MPG)
B-52 StratofortressDecent Video featuring B-52 bombing runs.  Produced by:  Sgt LaCorte   Music by: POD (6.2M WMV)
CNV-69 (USS Eisenhower) Short video of the Eisenhower underway
F-14 Sonic Boom Carrier Video (1.3M MPG)
F-15 Eagle Mid-Air CollisionCockpit footage of a mid air collision.
F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter) F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Take-Off File Footage
F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter)F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Air to Air File Footage
FLIR Bombing 2 Vehicles Desert Storm Footage (5.2M MPG)
FLIR Bombing of Tank Footage of a dug-in Tank being destroyed by superior air power! (1.5M MPEG)
Fallujah Battle This footage is pretty amazing and describing it as full on would be an understatement. It was shot recently in Fallujah as a group of American soldiers do battle with Iraqi insurgents. It actually almost looks like they're having fun and was reminisce [for me at least] of parts of Black Hawk Down. Check it...  (6M WMV) 
Fallujah Laser Guided Bomb

Thanks Leslie

As the story goes, some Marines were pinned down in a building in a Fallujah neighborhood. Terrorists throughout the city heard about it and were rushing to the area to try and take the Marines out. The Marines called in air support and the first responders were Air Force F-16's. 

This video shows a group of guerrilla's rounding a corner onto the street leading to the Marines. The F-16's altitude appears in the upper right corner. In the lower right corner is the countdown until the bombs impact. 

The crosshairs in the middle indicate where the pilot is directing the laser spot to guide the bombs. The number just to the right of the crosshairs is the length of one of the arms of the crosshairs on the ground in meters. The bombs are two 500lb laser guided bombs. Anyone standing unprotected within a quarter mile of their impact is killed instantly. 

The total casualty count from this one strike was 48. No Marines were killed.

GAU-8 Test Run  File footage of the GAU-8, Avenger, is a 7 barrel, 30mm Gattling gun.  It is an awesome weapon mounted only on the A/OA-10 Warthog. (598K WMV)
Gattling VideoCool video of side mount of gattling guns.  Watch the tracer ring out.  (1.9M WMV)

Harrier Crash "AV-8B" Watch a Harrier, AV-8B Crash in a crowed beach location.  (1M WMV)
Hornet (F/A-18) Crash LandingF/A Crash Landing on the flight deck of USS JFK? (769K WMV)
Hornet (F/A-18) Ejection File footage of a F/A 18 ejecting after a drop tank shears a wing.  -- Borrowed from Discovery (2M WMV)
Hornet (F/A-18) Sonic Boom Amateur video of Sonic Boom when F/A-18 does a fly-by (339K WMV)  
IED Attack on HumveeThis clip was originally distributed by and contains some twisted content.  It is a terrorist video supporting Al-Qaida's claim of destroying a Humvee in Nov 2005.   Although it is not graphic, it can turn your stomach.  All in all, it really vindicates the Abu Musab al-Zarqawi ReMix
In COMING!!!This is a good first person look at incoming mortar rounds! With great commentary by some soldiers. The site advertised at the end of the video is not associated with
Iraq w/ RPG
The lesson this young man never quite grasped is that you should not
shoot at United States Marines with an RPG.  They shoot back...and they
are very good shots.  They spend weeks at the rifle range under the close,
gentle tutelage of their Drill Instructors.  They learn their warfighting
skills well, as exhibited by this short clip.

The clip was filmed by an Italian film crew.  You can plainly see that
the enemy soldier had lots of friends and they were rather upset at the
outcome of this short engagement.

Note the excellent marksmanship and the interesting use of tracers. (2.2M MPEG)

Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM)

Field footage of a JDAM striking a target.  Definitely a big boom.  (most likely JDAM After Effects is the continuation of this).

Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM)

Amateur after effects of a JDAM (most likely the after affects of JDAM Boom)

Know Thy EnemySometimes it is best to be equipped for battle with the correct weapon.
Low Flying Jaguar (GR.1)How LOW can you go?  (500K WMV) 
M-240 7.62mm machine gun Believe it is a M-240.  I expect to be corrected on this though.
Helicopter video - Originally "Little Bird (AH-6J)"Good video of the an attack helicopter.  Check out the tracers.  (1.9M wmv) Can you name this copter?  Email me!
MiG 29 (??) CrashThis appears to be a MIG 29 crashing with the pilot ejecting just in the nick of time.
Mirage downed by SAM an Israeli Mirage being downed by a SAM in 1973(?). (627K MPG)
MIRV Re-Entry 1Amateur video of 6 MIRVS reentering the atmosphere
MIRV Re-Entry 2Amateur video of 5 MIRVS reentering the atmosphere
Navel CollisionNothing Beats watching the Canoe Club at its finest moments
Saddam ExecutionGraphic video of the proper end to a tyrant.
Sea Knight (CH-46) Crash Sea Knight Phrog crashes when attempting to land.  Seven Marines died. (668K WMV)
Special Forces Helo Night RaidNight Scope view set to the sounds of AC/DC (38.1M MPG)
Super Hornet (F/A-18) & Tomcat (F-14) Fly By F/A 18 and F 14 do fly by of carrier.  One is inverted! (702K MPEG)
RADAR site destroyed IR view of RADAR site destroyed (800K Mpeg)
Rifleman vs. TankQuick clip showing the value of a good hiding place when taking pot shots..
RQ-1b PredatorSupposed Predator Video...  I question the authenticity of the footage.
SLCM ProblemsProblems during testing
SR-71 Take Off Old video at Edwards AFB or Beale AFB? (3.6M MPG)
Taliban Helicopter hit with guided missile IR video of a Helo Gunship being destroyed (1.1M MPG)
Tank Destroyed Tank destroyed by laser guided bomb. (1.6M Mpeg)

Thunderbird Crash

Sept 14, 2003 Thunderbird crash.   Decent video with no audio (4.2M Mpeg)
Tomahawk Launch

Decent video of a Tomahawk Cruise Missile launching from a deck camera

Tomahawk Launch; Closeup Grainy video of a BGM-109 launch and its impact.  No Sound.
Tomahawk Launching from USS Shiloh (CG-67)  Oct 2001, Deck view of a Tomahawk launch (1M WMV)

In Association with

Ambush Clips

Ambush in Iraq Here is a small video clip of an ambush in Iraq (Baghdad)  (1.9M WMV)
Ambush; Convoy   If you want to know what we are up against, this will show ya. (4.5M WMV -Terrorist Video) 
Ambush; Convoy 2 Car bomb exploding as convoy passes. (1.4M WMV)
Ambush; Mortar   Mortar attack on passing Humvee.  If you want to know what we are up against, this will show ya.  (1.2M WMV- Terrorist Video) 
Ambush; Night   Night ambush on road.  Very dark but you can see the tracers flying. (2.3M WMV - Terrorist Video) 
Ambush; Tank   Tank destroyed by IED, as filmed by terrorist cell . If you want to know what we are up against, this will show ya. (3.9M Mpeg)

Convoy Hit by IED

Armature footage of an IED attack


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