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Massachusetts Residents Welcome Home Bonus

Following the South Dakota bonus, MA is getting on the band wagon...  48 more states to go.  :)

The state is offering a welcome home bonus to all military members who were on active duty on or after 11 Sept 2001.  The criteria is that you must have had six months domicile in the state immediately prior to entry in the Armed Forces so if you entered the armed forces from the great state of MA and you were on active duty on 11 Sep 01 or after you are eligible to receive a bonus check.  That's right a check! No strings attached! The MA state will give you $500.00 for being on active duty; $1000.00 if you have served in Iraq or Afghanistan. The Program is called the Welcome Home Bonus and you can access it either via the MA state Treasury home page or by calling 617-367-9333 ext 859.  The Treasury Office will send you the application (which is very easy) and the check arrives approx. 4-6 weeks later.  The web site address is Click on Veterans Bonus, then Welcome Home Bonus or click this link:


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Page added on: 17 January 2007

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