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Timeline 2003

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31 Dec, Finally added AF Fitness Standards to Good to Know and Quick Links.  Also have added a link to Time Line.  It gives an in depth look at the happening on From The Inside.

29 Dec, added BMT and NCOA FAQs

25 Dec, added a COLA FAQ page.

24 Dec, added a 'Twas the Night of the Capture, a little poem about the Saddam Hussein's capture within Something to Think About.  Added An Army Wife Speaks Her Mind, to Perceptions.  Very Nice story if you haven't read it yet...

23 Dec, Updated upcoming Award deadlines.

10-16 Dec, Updating Website.  Fixed a number of spelling errors, background problems, page dates, and bookmark link to name a few.  The site should start to look a lot better.  Look forward to seeing steaming RealAudio media and other items now that it is being hosted at ipower.com.

26 Nov, Updated AF Award Page. I have also added it to, Leadership/Mentorship pull-down box. 18 Nov, Added the beginnings of a full Military Writing. Also, added the 2004 Pay Rates.

18 Nov, Added the beginnings of a full Military Writing. Also, added the 2004 Pay Rates.

13 Nov, Added Military Resort and Vacation Page to the site. Check it out! 

11 Nov, Added Financial Management Handbook to Home and Military Documents.

10 Nov, Added Family Care Handbook to Home and Military Documents. Under Quick links, I added American Legion Veterans Day Card link. It is good until the 12 of November! Hurry Now and send your service member a Veterans Day Greeting!

7 Oct, Added new Awards and Dec Power Point to Military Writing and Slide Shows. Added an incredible poem, MY COUNTRY 'TIS OF THEE, A POW in South East Asia. Also added a couple of more Tricare releases to Military Documents. Finally, added the Air Force Award Page to both Quick Links (bottom of page) and to Military Writing.

6 Oct, ALERT!! My PAY Fraud Site !! READ THIS Added IMT files to Air Force Forms and Pubs Page, the IMT files are kept on server.

1 Oct, Added 2003 Military and International Mail Christmas Dates and 2003 Christmas Mailing Dates from Overseas MPO into Good to Know. Added Three more car military sales programs in Military Bonuses. I correct a couple of link problems. Finally, revamped more of the article pages to list the table of contents. Enjoy

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