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 Joint Service (Medal) Narrative

DoD 1348.33-M

Key Points to Writing
  • PCS/PCA Decorations will be based on EPRs/OPRs
  • Achievement Decorations read like awards, and will need a narrative for justification
  • DO NOT plan on making up mid-tour points in a PCS medal
  • Ask for HELP, the only person looking out for #1 is you
  • The only person looking out for your troop is YOU!
  • ASK for/WRITE a Mid Tour decoration 
  • WRITE!!! The more you do it, the better you get
  • Use F7 to spell check.  Errors reflect bad on you and your troop!

The following Example has been taken from a Word Doc.  I have changed mission information to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.  I will attempt to give a little insight to the entire process if I know it.

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Copied from MS Word:



(Rank Name) played a key role in the evolution of our organization of just providing headquarters communication support to one a strategic regional communication hub for the Balkan region. He provided valuable inputs for the CIS transition personnel manpower assessment resulting in selecting personnel with the right skill sets to oversee the transition to a new organization. He also participated in a training assessment working group to ensure all personnel had the right training for future CIS Group Greece telecommunications requirements.

He was a catalyst in improving our Customer Service Team by reorganizing personnel into two cross-functional teams to provide better customer support during daily operations. (Rank Name) has established weekly meetings to ensure timely dissemination of vital information concerning element activities, projects, leaves, training, and the CIS transition. He forced improvement to the VTC continuity book and organized VTC orientation training for two personnel outside the Infrastructure, Installations, and Maintenance Branch to ensure trained personnel where available to establish a VTC at any time. He was also helpful in restoring the Joint Operations Center’s large screen display by putting together a maintenance team, which isolated and repaired a cable fault. These actions enhanced Allied Signal Group's reputation as one of NATO's premier communications providers.

(Rank Name) thrived on challenge; he used his prior personnel administration background to address a myriad of Air Force personnel issues stemming from the lack of a local Air Force Support Element. He collaborated with United States Air Force Europe Mission Support Squadron (USAFE MSS) and with Detachment (Det) 2 personnel located in Naples, Italy with the implementation of a memorandum of understanding to ensure personnel actions are accomplished correctly and within established time frames. He also successfully corrected leave and travel voucher discrepancies by working closely with the Det 2 Financial Representative and Aviano’s Finance Office Superintendent. (Rank Name) managed to secure a last minute Noncommissioned Officer Academy (NCOA) quota for a Master Sergeant selectee to ensure he was promoted on time; this also allowed the airman to be collocated with his wife during her extended hospitalization at Landstuhl Regional Medical Centre. He organized a physical fitness assessment to prompt Air Force personnel to get in line with newly established physical fitness standards. 

(Rank Name) was also involved with benchmarking deployment procedures for Air Force personnel supporting NATO peacekeeping missions, where none had existed. He was a facilitator in the development of a detailed mobility processing checklist and a logistics support plan. He was instrumental in identifying and securing training from an Air Force element in Rhein Main Air Base, Germany, that provided Air Force specific training for deployment in the Balkan region, enhancing mobility readiness. He also played a role in creating fund cites for travel and obtaining individual equipment necessary for deployment.

After receiving short notification, he successfully oversaw User Squadron support of the Bi-SC Conference in Volos, Greece. He took part in conducting a comprehensive initial site survey and put together a team to provide round-the-clock secure and non-secure voice, data, and video support to top NATO leaders and dignitaries for the week.

(Rank Name) was a key factor in the overall success of Exercise DECISIVE ENCOUNTER through the implementation of a first ever Communications Exercise (COMMEX). He supervised pre-exercise familiarization training and equipment functionality checks for all exercise participants that minimized equipment downtime and maximized exercise effectiveness. These efforts resulted in no be reported discrepancies faulting communications support during DECISIVE ENCOUNTER, a flag officer led multi-national exercise. 

Through his initiative, DSN service was extended to the new Senior U.S. Representative, and an additional phone was also provided for common user access for U.S. personnel located in two additional buildings.
(Rank Name) worked hard to forge close professional and social ties with Air Force personnel assigned to Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) – 7. He organized a tour of the CAOC facility for situational awareness and worked jointly with CAOC leadership on personnel issues.

He inspired Air Force personnel to create a first class Air Force birthday celebration. His personnel created an inspirational multi-media presentation for an event attended by 4 flag officers who all sang of praise of the event’s success. He also rallied ASG personnel to partake in an inaugural Organization Day through sporting events and personally led the tug-a-war team to victory!

(Rank Name) effectively coordinated two simultaneous visits by the United States European Command Senior Enlisted Advisor and the USAFE Mission Support Squadron Commander and her staff. He excelled in permitting the Senior Enlisted Advisor to meet as many personnel as possible by assembling several target audience meetings, which was then followed by a town hall meeting for all personnel and their families. 

(Rank Name) encouraged his personnel to devote time in community activities. SNCOs shined in leadership roles: Top-3, Junior NCO Petty Officer Association, MWR activities, Parent Teacher Organization, and the International School of Larissa local area network. 

He was selected by the AFSOUTH Air Force Senior Enlisted Advisor as a voting board member for both AFSOUTH’s Senior NCO of the Year and NATO’s US Air Force 12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year competition to be held in Stuttgart, Germany.

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