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All Play and No Work

Source: "All Play and No Work" - Smart Money Feb '04
Original: Internet/Computer Addiction Services

Quick Note:

I recently read this article.  I thought it is very relevant to the Military and the populace on a whole.


Do you find you cannot accurately predict the amount of time you will spend playing games?


Have you tried to limit or stop playing games before and failed?


Do you sometimes feel restless, irritable and discontent when not playing games?


Have you ever lied to anyone -- for instance, employers or family members -- about your game playing?


Have your sleep patterns changed due to game playing?


Are you experiencing any health issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome, eye strain, weight gain or backaches?


Have you ever wished you could change places with a character you've created for yourself in a role-playing game?

I like most others love playing video games; especially real-time strategy games.  I think it is a good way to work through problems by thinking "out of the box" and to exercise the mind in a military tactics.  

Having spent lots of time playing games, looking for maps and strategies.  I understand the problem.

I have had a some troops that would spend hours and hours playing games.  Not a big deal until their game play started to affect their duties. 

Maybe I have grown  full circle (grown with experience and knowledge) and realized  there is a time and place for everything.

I was given the same excuses I used then, military application, strategies, and knowledge..

But there comes a time when there is  too much of a "good thing" ..


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