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Dual Citizenship Issues for Personnel Being Assigned to the
Republic of Korea (ROK)

ROK Constitution & Conscription Law specifies that males of ROK (or dual) citizenship must serve in the ROK military sometime between ages 18-35. Until very recently this has only been enforced domestically. However, the ROK government is now enforcing this law on US service members who hold dual US-ROK citizenship or ROK citizenship with permanent resident status in the US. Those born in the US to parents who are citizens of ROK have dual US-ROK citizenship.

Please be aware that several changes to Air Force assignment procedures are being made in the near future due to the above.

In the interim please ensure personnel PCSing to the ROK are made aware of the above information.

More information will be made available in the near future, so Contact MPF.

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Page added on: 5 October 2005