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Demotion Due to Weight Management Program

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SUBJECT: Notification of Demotion Action Under AFI 36-2503

1. You are hereby advised that under AFI 36-2503, paragraph 3.4.1, I intend to recommend to the Commander, 436th ________ Group, Dover AFB, Delaware, the demotion authority, that you be demoted to the grade of ____________.

2. The specific reason for this demotion is: Failure to make satisfactory progress in the Air Force Weight Management Program, exhibited by four unsatisfactory weight checks.


29 Nov 94 1st Failure WMP Letter of Counseling, dated 6 Dec 94 1
31 May 95 2nd Failure WMP Letter of Reprimand, dated 5 Jun 95 2
28 Aug 95 3rd Failure WMP LOR, UIF, Control Roster, dated 30 Aug 95 4
20 Mar 96 4th Failure WMP LOR, dated 22 Mar 96 5

3. You will immediately acknowledge receipt by indorsement to this letter and within three workdays, indicate whether you concur or non-concur with the proposed demotion.

a. If you concur with the proposed demotion, you will be notified in writing of the demotion authority’s decision.

b. If you non-concur with the proposed demotion, you may present matters in your behalf in writing, orally, or both. You must submit a written request for a personal hearing within three workdays of acknowledging receipt of this letter. You may submit for approval a written request for an extension to this requirement. If you elect to present matters orally, a personal hearing with me will be scheduled. You may seek legal counseling preparing your oral or written presentation and counsel may be present during the personal hearing. _____________, Area Defense Counsel, is available for assistance. Civilian counsel may be obtained at your own expense.

4. You must understand fully that another failed weight check will result in your discharge from the service under AFI 36-3208.


1.LOC, 6 Dec 94
2.LOR, 5 Jun 95
3.MFR, 12 Jun 95
4.LOR, CR, UIF, 30 Aug 95
5.LOR, 22 Mar 96
6.AF Form 393
7.AF Form 108s (5)


1st Ind, LGEAF


1. I hereby acknowledge receipt of the proposed demotion action on _____________________.

2. I understand my options as outlined above and that I must concur or nonconcur with the proposed demotion action within three workdays of the date of this memorandum. Additionally, I understand that I have the option to present matters on my behalf in writing, orally, or both and that any written submission or request for a personal hearing must be received by this office, within three workdays of the date I acknowledged receipt of notification, unless an extension is approved.

a. I (concur) (nonconcur) with the proposed demotion action.

b. I (will) (will not) submit written matters in my behalf.

c. I (request) (waive) a personal hearing before the initiating commander.

d. I (have) (have not) consulted counsel.


2d Ind to <###> EMS/CC, Notification of Demotion Action Under AFI 36-2503

<###> EMS/CC


1. Recommend____________________, FR_______________, be demoted to the grade of _______________.

2. ____________________________(concurs) (nonconcurs) with this proposed demotion and (has) (has not) presented matters on his behalf.

_________________________, USAF

1 - 7, nc



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