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Professional Development


This page provides links to mentorship, image, and award guidance. It also provides guidance to help supervisors and personnel who have found themselves in difficult situations.

Air Force Mentorship Directives and Guides

         AFPD 36-34 Air Force Mentoring Program

         AFI 36-3401 Air Force Mentoring

         Air Force Financial Management Mentoring Program

Other Mentoring Tools

         AFI 36-2903 Dress and Appearance

         AFI 36-2909 Professional and Unprofessional Relationships

         AFI 36-2846 Financial Management and Comptroller Annual Awards Program

Personnel Mentoring Tools


         AFPD 51-2 Administration of Military Justice

         AFI 51-201 Administration of Military Justice

         AFI 51-202 Nonjudicial Punishment

         AFI 51-703 Foreign Criminal Jurisdiction

         Points of Contact

         Officer Mentorship:
Lt Col Yolanda L. Grove
, SAF/FMPC, 224-5398,
Air Force Personnel Center Home page

         Enlisted Mentorship:
CMSGT Larry Gonzales, FM Senior Enlisted Advisor, 224-5437,
Link to CMSAF Home Page


         AFPD 36-7 Employee and Labor-Management Relations

         AFPD 36-8 Employee Benefits and Entitlements

         AFI 36-103 Organizational Responsibility for Civilian Personnel Administration and Management

         AFI 36-502 Managing Civilian Personnel Resources

         AFI 36-701 Labor Management Relations

         AFI 36-704 Discipline and Adverse Actions

         AFI 36-901 Air Force Senior Executive Resources

         Points of Contact:

         Link to Financial Management Career Program Home page (FMPC)



         DSN 665-2595/2687/2051

         Comm: (210) 565-2595/2687/2051


         DSN 665-2874

         Comm: (210) 565-2874

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