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Example SrA BTZ Nomination

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SUBJECT: SrA Below-the-Zone Nomination- Name O. Nominee, SSN

AIC Nominee is nominated for BTZ selection based on the following achievements:

- Strives to make unit succeed; effectively sustains Distributed Ground Station-? (DGS-?) intel mission
  -- Engaged in cutting-edge combat ops…impacted Operation ENDURING FREEDOM success daily
  -- Maintained 99.9% SATCOM system mission readiness; allowed collection of 46,000 target images
- Provided continuous satellite imagery support to U-2 mission crews during Operation ANACONDA
  -- Forced transfer of four high-priority images; needed for surveillance of downed military helicopter
- Resourceful; effectively utilized a number of military resources saving both limited money and space
  -- Transformed vacant storage area into shop training lab; saved $2K per person to learn UNIX
  -- Salvaged six deployment transit-cases from defense reutilization; save AF estimate $300 per case
  -- Reconfigured linguist training lab after contractors wasted valuable floor space; saved 12 square feet
- Quickly identified problem causing a workstation’s hard drive to intermittently stop and start; fast
  -- Response prevented catastrophic drive failure; saved $5K in replacement costs and 4 hours rebuilding

- Led team in thorough pre-inspection of Deployable Transit-cased System (DTS) network setup; prepped
  56 computers and servers for stringent Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Phase IV security inspection
  -- Created database identifying 72 network identities on 34 systems; required for system layout update
  -- Corrected labeling on 56 network cables for 3 different networks; averted negative system write-ups
- Motivated airman; site representative to accept $100K of equipment from contractors; 35 transit-cases
  and 3 pallets of spare equipment needed for Global Hawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicle exploitation system
 -- Worked with other flights within unit; setup secure storage facility once all items were accounted
- Took lead in learning procedures to install 12 new workstations into transit-cases; trained 6 others
- Dependable and proven! DTS system administrator night crew chief—position normally held by NCO

- #1 of 145 Airmen in DGS-?; Airman of the Quarter first quarter 2002
- #1 of 50 3C Airmen in Wing; <WING> Comm and Info Professional of the Quarter, fourth quarter ‘01

- Spent 20 hrs studying UNIX programming; backup program he created saves 1 man-hours daily
- Highly sought after administrator; completed 208 hrs of network and system administrator training

- Volunteered 26 off-duty hrs tutoring 2 dependents in college level Pre-Calculus; shares his knowledge
- Setup two audio/video carts for local church; directly influenced 400 parishioners’ enlightenment
- Absolutely first-rate orator; gave 30 minute briefing to 70 high school electronic-computer students
  -- Discussed life in the AF on a peer-to-peer level; identified and clarified numerous misconceptions
     Speech inspired two seniors

                                                                                                      FLIGHT CHIEF SIGNATURE

Reminder, the closing line is 5 spaces below the last line of text.


  This package didn't win.  The only thing the individual missed out on was not participating in the Honor Guard.  Due to mission requirements, that was never an option.  Word of wisdom.  Supervisors can only do so much and troops can only due so much.  It is up to the board to decide.  Unfortunately what works for one will not always work for the other.

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